Mayor, Wilker Barreto, He says will not fail to be a mediator of the city's problems

The positioning is in response to the representation filed by DPE-AM for determination of breaking parliamentary decorum of the parliamentary.
17/08/2016 14h31 - Updated 17/08/2016 14h31
PHOTO: Robervaldo ROCK / CMM

The Mayor of Manaus (CMM), Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), He used the tribune of the Legislative Branch, on the morning of Wednesday (17), to say that will not fail to be a mediator of the city's problems among the population and the Government. Positioning is in response to the filed representation in the CMM, on Tuesday (16), the Public Defender of Amazonas (ECD-AM), by Defender Interests Care Specialized Collectives, for determination of breaking parliamentary decorum of the parliamentary, for violation of fundamental rights and abuse of power.

“I will not shut up and I will not stop working to be a great mediator problems this city, I'm not going. believe, the representation does not diminish me and terrifies me not, because I know my skills and I know how far I can command as councilor, so it is, not answer any representation”, Barreto scored the highlight, still, that councilor request is breaking decorro, half of the house is with broken decorro, because the councilor's job is interceding for the people's problems.

According to Head of the Municipal Legislature, the proposal of the DPE-AM is that the residents of the neighborhood Our Lady of Fatima 1, in the North Zone of Manaus, only leave the house after receiving compensation from the City Hall. However, the councilman's concern, It is on who will host these families, at that time. “Now we need to let the egos aside and have a little humility to sit at the table, and think those families. If we do not find a solution for those residents, yet this term, we have new tragedies there”, he argued.

Barreto concluded his speech stressing that is very quiet and will not return behind their convictions. “The representation is with the relevant sectors of the House, and I'm pretty quiet and not Rounding the foot of my beliefs and way of working, because the councilman have to be increasingly close to the people. Not in office, the air conditioning”, finished.

The councilors Pliny Valerius (PSDB) and José Waldemir (PT) also they expressed in relation to the representation of the Amazon Public Defender (ECD-AM).

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