Municipal President of PPS assaults affiliates, members and candidates of the party that opposes the alliance PSDB / PMDB

Documents of candidates were arrested to prevent them from registering in the opposite plate Arthur.
13/08/2016 15h57 - Updated 14/08/2016 13h49
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O mayor do Popular Socialist Party (PPS), David of pedlars, during the early hours of this Thursday(11), He threatened to kill the student leader, Manoel Almeida, and assaulted members, militants and party candidates.

The confusion happened because, David of pedlars, held personal documents of opposing candidates alliance between the PSDB and the PMDB as a way to prevent them from registering in the opposite plate to the Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto. To ask the candidates documents they were attacked by the party president who showed lack.

According, Manoel Almeida, PPS follows cracked in the elections this year as a part of the party does not support the alliance and Arthur Braga and the regional president, Guto Rodrigues, He negotiated behind the scenes to abandon support the candidacy of Marcelo Ramos to support the PSDB Arthur Neto and changed the whole party of command by placing only members who are members for less than 6 months and a leadership as the David of pedlars, that attacks the militancy that opposes this cheating.

“We did Convention, we chose to walk with Marcelo Ramos because we believe that Arthur is a setback regardless of alliances arc made, we go from Ramos to the end, that cheating will not pass, those who entered one day in PPS want to sell the party for Arthur and nobody here is for sale”, said student leader.

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