President of the ECA-AM Minister lecture at the School of Magistrates, next week in Manaus

The counselor, Ari Moutinho Junior, It will be one of the speakers at the "Update Course on Electoral Law – Elections 2016. ", that happens 15 a 20 of August.
10/08/2016 16h02 - Updated 10/08/2016 16h02
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At the invitation of the academic council of the Amazon Magistrates School (baits), President of the State of Amazonas Court (TCE-AM), Junior advisor Ari Moutinho, It will be one of the speakers at the "Update Course on Electoral Law – Elections 2016. ", what happens next week, day 15 per day 20, na sede Heaven, In Manaus. The counselor Erico Desterro also will speak at the event, whose target audience judges, promoters, of Elections servers; political parties; hopefuls; lawyers; journalists; counters; academics and civil society.

In addition to the ECA board members, They are confirmed as speakers Minister of the Superior Electoral Court, Henrique Neves; Electoral regional prosecutor, Vitor Riccely; US District Judge Jaiza Fraxe; President of the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB) and electioneering lawyer, Marco Aurélio Choy; and the former governor Amazonino Mendes, among others related to the electoral process.

The debate proposed by Esmam, which should attract over 430 participants, It takes place on the eve of municipal elections due to the need for improvement of judges and involved in the electoral process, who will discuss the major legal innovations and also the case law to be applied to claims in progress, as reported by the course coordinator. They will be covered in six days the "Electoral Calendar and Application Registration", "Accountability", "Electoral Propaganda", "Actions and Features", "Sealed ducts and Electoral Crimes", and "Administrative and Misconduct Ineligibility".

The presiding director of the TEC, Ari Moutinho Junior, that day no palestrará 20, speak within the module "Administrative and Ineligibility Misconduct" and will address the topic "Control and Accounts supervision" exercised by the ECA. But the counselor Eric Exile will speak within the Accountability module, no dia 16.

Last month, the invitation of the National Association of Delegates of the Federal Police, the director Ari Moutinho Jr. spoke at the 1st National Symposium on Combating Corruption. The audience was composed of 600 judges, judges, delegates, civil and military police, as well as representatives of civil society and law students, business and economics.

The opening lecture of the "Refresher Course in Election Law – Elections 2016. ", the Esmam, It will be made by the chairman of the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas, Judge Yedo Simões, with the theme "The Role of Elections in Municipal Pleito".

During or course, as scheduled, it will be the launch of the book "Electoral Law Commented", written by Lawrence Braga, Teacher and Lawyer, Specialist in Law and Development from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and in Public Law from the Federal University of Amazonas.

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