President of the ECA Board congratulates the suspension of the use of 'Lint’

Moutinho officially handed the recommendation document for suspension of the benefit payment to the president of CMM.
15/08/2016 14h06 - Updated 16/08/2016 09h01
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The president of the Amazonas State Court (TCE), advisor Ari Jorge Moutinho, congratulated the attitude of the Municipality of Manaus (CMM) the suspension of the use of the quota for the Exercise of Parliamentary Activity (pad), the 'Lint', during the 45 days before the election period. The suspension of the benefit of using was consensus among the Board of leaders from the beginning of the year, even before the ECA's recommendation.

Ari Moutinho, who delivered, on the morning of Monday (15), officially the recommendation document for suspension of the benefit payment to the president of the Manaus City Hall (CMM), Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), said that early as the House serves as a model for several municipalities in Brazil.

"The Leader Board anticipated and not polemical, Above all, the suspension of Ceap. The councilors followed, for their understanding, the determination of the Court and decided not to use the money ", said the President of the ECA, saying that the Court can not be solely punitive, but teaching and timely congratulate actions like these.

In this ocasion, Ari Moutinho took the opportunity to ask the representatives of the Amazon in Congress, candidates in this election to follow the example of CMM. "It would be good form to candidates deputies followed the same example of this House not using federal funds, during the pre-election process, I believe that would be a good attitude does not make use of the benefit ", recommended Ari Moutinho.

Wilker Barreto pointed out that the action is more a positive agenda of the Legislative House. "The president TEC confirms just what we had already taken position. It's not every day that we have a President of a Court of Auditors congratulating a Legislative Power. Today was a historic achievement, because the House meets all the recommendations of the ECA. I am very proud to see a parliament of Manaus giving an example to other legislative houses, as well highlighted the counselor ", said Wilker Barreto.

On the same line, councilors Waldemir Jose (PT), Professor Bibiano (PT), Elias Emanuel (PSDB), Luis Mitoso (PSD), Therezinha Ruiz (THE), Socorro Sampaio (PP), Mario Fleet (PSDB) e Marcel Alexandre (PMDB) also praised the action of the Legislature.

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