President of TRE-AM decide to 'swing vote’ judgment against Governor Jose Melo

Felipe Thury judge, was against the cancellation for lack of sufficient evidence.
25/08/2016 09h47 - Updated 25/08/2016 14h59
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The result of the trial over a lawsuit against the governor of Amazonas, Jose Melo (PROS), and or vice, Henrique Oliveira (SD), It will be set by the President of the Regional Electoral Court of the State (TRE-AM), Yedo Simões. The judge will give the so-called "swing vote", because there was a tie in the decisions of judges. The match ends 3 a 3 in the session of Wednesday (23), when the judge Felipe Thury, one missing vote, was against the impeachment of the political diplomas for lack of sufficient evidence. Melo and Oliveira are accused of abuse of economic and political power in elections 2014.

The governor's lawyer, Yuri Dantas, It is confident that the outcome will be favorable to the defense. "What seems to me that the Court's members watched the thesis that we have been defending since the challenge to, ultimately, reach an understanding that led the Court to draw the trial today, that is that there is no proof of such illegalities identified in the application. Besides that, also no severities on these pipes capable of generating imbalance in the elections and lead to the impeachment of the governor and the deputy governor ", said Dantas.

The action against the governor and the deputy left the opposing coalition, Renovation and Experience, which is part of Senator Eduardo Braga (PMDB), who came second in last election. Melo and Oliveira have had diplomas revoked by TRE Amazon in another trial in January. They were convicted of vote buying in elections 2014, but appealed to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) and will remain in office until the final decision.

One of the lawyers of the opposing coalition, Marco Aurélio Choy, expects the same result if repeated in the second trial. "We trust in the Amazon TRE justice. We still believe that our arguments will prevail in the wake, inclusive, than the TRE itself has previously. I believe that the President of the Court, at least that is the expectation we have, should keep this consistent with what has been previously judged on very close case ", these Choy.

The President of TRE Amazon, Yedo Simões, He said it would give the casting vote in the full session of the day 9 of September.

The trial of the action for abuse of economic and political power in elections 2014 It began on 28 of June. They are being analyzed in the process seven behaviors identified as illegal by the prosecution, between them, irregular hiring a company to buy votes, distribution of tablets to the third year of high school students, salary adjustment of servers and create free mobile oral health program for the eve of elections.

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