Prisoners do riot and serram bars in Iranduba station inside the AM

Inmates set fire and damaged railings cells during turmoil.
09/08/2016 15h39 - Updated 9/08/2016 15h40
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At the end of last night's Monday(10), a riot took place at the 31st Precinct Police Interactive(DIP) Iranduba, DIP tmabém works as prison unit in the city. Detainees would have put fire to mattresses and clothing during the rebellion.

According to the Military Police, the riot started by midnight back, the detainees have sawed the bars of their cells to try to escape, They are threatening the lives of other prisoners, besides vandalize accommodations. Also according to PM, the reasons for the rebellion would be overcrowded cells and lack of power.

The police team DIP noticed movement in the cells by the cameras and triggered the Ronda Ostensive Cândido Mariano(Rocam), Tactical force, Special Force Rescue Group and Assault (will) to support the occurrence, the riot was controlled around 04h am Tuesday(9).

This morning, a magazine was held in the cells and 36 prisoners involved in the rebellion were transferred to Jailhouse Raimundo Vidal Pessoa.

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