CPRM is expected drought in the Amazon River is above average

The current levels are similar to those that preceded the greatest ever recorded vazantes.
25/08/2016 17h34 - Updated 25/08/2016 17h39
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The Superintendent of the Geological Survey of Brazil (CPRM), Marco Antonio de Oliveira reported, this Thursday (25), the forecast is that the ebb of the Amazon River is above average this year, if rainfall does not increase in the coming months. The data were presented in a lecture on the state of rivers in the Amazon, during the meeting of the Amazonian Parliament in the Amazon Legislative Assembly (OF-AM).

The superintendent said the Maranhão rivers and Ucayali, that when arriving in Brazil form the Amazon River, they had, this year, similar means the largest ever recorded vazantes, which can lead to marked effects on the ebb of rivers in the Amazon. "We can not say whether it will be the greatest ebb of all time, but we can expect yes, an above average ebb ", said.

The Madeira River, according to him, shows drop in level, similar to the average of the highest ebb of history, which was 1969. The Madeira River is still ebbing forecast until October, according to him. This based on the average of previous years, but still not to assert when the rivers are dry this year.

Log in, coordinated by the chairman of the House, Mr Joshua Neto (PSD), the issue has been addressed due to the social and economic interest involving rivers, since it is the primary means of access to the cities and more remote communities of the Amazon capital.

Information about the ebbs and flows of the rivers, according to the President of the Amazonian Parliament, Deputy Sinésio Campos (PT), should to base projects such as the implementation of Axis Manta-Manaus, which provides for the use of rivers for transport of cargo, and waterways interconnection of the Amazon, with other states.

Despite oscillations, dry and full, geologist Marco Oliveira said that these will always exist, and the Amazon, at least for the next thousand years, You can make use of rivers as cargo transportation via. However, said the Northeast States may have problems in the coming years, because the forecast is that the weather there is increasingly dry. Whereupon, MEPs stressed the proposal already made by some politicians and geologists, transferring Amazon waters, to other states.

They participated in the session the Superintendent of the Manaus Free Zone, Rebeca Garcia, President of the National Council of Pilotage (CONAPRA), Gustavo Henrique Alves Martins and representatives of the Legislative Assemblies of the nine states that make up the Legal Amazon and forming the Amazonian Parliament.

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