Italian Prime Minister promises to donate salaries of senators to the poor

At the initiative, already approved by Parliament, It will be submitted to the public next October.
10/08/2016 07h47 - Updated 10/08/2016 07h47
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Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi, He promised to donate to the poor the 500 millions of euros (R$ 1,75 billion) which he believes will be saved each year if your constitutional reform is approved in referendum.

Among other things, the project ends with the equal bicameralism in the country, drastically reducing the powers of the Senate and decreasing 315 just 100 or number of senators, who did not receive more salary.

At the initiative, already approved by Parliament, It will be submitted to the people in the month of October and aims, according to the government, simplify and cheapen the Italian politics. “If the referendum pass, the 500 million savings with the cost of the policy… Think beautiful will put them into a fund against poverty and give them to our fellow citizens”, Renzi said on Tuesday (9).

The prime minister is in full campaign for victory “sim” in the vote and has even promised to step down if the “no” win. The latest polls show the quite divided Italian population on the subject.

Renzi has given statements to convince citizens about “advantages” constitutional reform, especially in relation to the efficiency of the political system. Recently, his government has launched a project which will allocate up 400 euros (R$ 1,4 one thousand) per month for families living in poverty.

According to him, the resources saved with the extinction of the salaries of senators could be applied to the fund that finances this initiative.

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