Professor of public state has approved work on the 3rd National Education Congress

The project is aimed to raise awareness of sustainable use of products that would be discarded in the environment.
11/08/2016 15h53 - Updated 11/08/2016 15h53
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Project unites art and sustainability from the scientific literacy, recycling discarded materials that would.

A project aimed to raise awareness of sustainable use of products that would be discarded in the environment, developed and coordinated by Professor discipline Arts, Denise Rodrigues, with students of 6 and 7 years of primary education of the Amazon Institute of Education (IEA), It was approved to be presented at the 3rd National Education Congress (Conedu), to be held in Natal (RN), between the days 5 a 7 October this year.

The work of the teacher is entitled "The Metamorphosis trash in Artistic Objects: Art and Sustainability in the 6th and 7th grades of Amazonas Education Institute (IEA)”. In addition to having been accepted into the third edition of Conedu, the work was also awarded by the Science in School Program (PCE), developed by the Amazonas State Government in partnership between the Secretariat of State for Education and Teaching Quality (Seduc) and the Foundation of Amazonas State Research (Fapeam).

The work has the participation of four young fellows: Marcos Peixoto, Marechal Trindade e Zyon Puga Rocha, three with 11 years old and attending the 6th year; besides Marcella Wolfarth, from 13 years and attending the 7th year. "The project is in progress and is intended to contribute to the awareness of the sustainable use of materials that would otherwise be discarded and the perception of the impact caused by waste to the environment. All this work is developed with students of 6 and 7 years of IEA Elementary School ", said Professor Denise Rodrigues.

Still according to the teaching, the objective of the project is to get students to understand the relationship between art and sustainability from the scientific literacy, Print sensitization and recycling of discarded materials that would.

Approval is recognition
For school management, Shirley Souza, project approval in Congress is recognition of good work. "Para nos do IEA, this is proof of the work we do at school and this will encourage more teachers to carry out such projects with students, which are our main focus ", he said.

In this project, They will be used, in this work, principles of art education, because it is characterized as an educational discipline that gives opportunities for students to have access to art as expressive language and a way to get knowledge.

The project is divided into 5 phases: reading and interpretation; theoretical awareness; data collect; awareness workshops; and exhibitions. These workshops will also be held with some non-scholarship students, recycling techniques that will be used to have a new design of discarded materials.

Within this activity, the teacher seeks to use the triangular approach of "see, do and enjoy ", theory used for the practice of art education developed by the author, Ana Mae Barbosa (Brazilian educator pioneer in art education). In this workshop, project scholarship students will be monitors and are being prepared to carry out this work.

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