Project enables students from public schools in the field of gastronomy, hotel and service

The program "Young Talents: Serviços e Sabores” tem como objetivo oportunizar aos alunos uma formação técnica na área de gastronomia.
30/08/2016 16h11 - Updated 30/08/2016 16h11
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Thirty students from state public schools were selected to participate in the second edition of "Young Talents program: Services and Flavours ", where they will learn techniques in the field of gastronomy, service and hospitality. The inaugural lecture was held on Monday weave (30), in the morning and afternoon, in the Amazon Gastronomic Center (Cegam), the Studio Ballroom 5 Convention Center, Industrial district, in the South Zone of Manaus.

The program "Young Talents: Services and Flavours "is a social responsibility initiative, one of the key components of sustainable development, result of a partnership between the National Commercial Training Service (Senac), Amazon Network and the State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC).

The inaugural lecture was attended high school manager, Antonio Menezes and the chef Maria do Céu, representing the Amazon Network.

"This project aims to create opportunities for students with a technical background in the food area, service and hospitality and it is still a chance the student to develop his skill and talent to this area that is so important for our region, then students are selected based on their skills in this area and their identification with the program and that students undergo such training, and in the end they have a great prospect of a career in this area. And how is the second edition, this is a successful project and the prospect is to increase the number of service and offer other technical courses for our high school students ", said high school manager, Antonio Menezes.

The Young Talents project aims to promote professional training and entrepreneurial students of teaching public schools, directing them to the areas of food and services. Besides that, the program also aims at human development and citizen students.

During the month of July talks were held with some schools of the District Coordination Offices of Education 1 e 2, taught by chef Maria do Céu Athayde.

After the campain, students completed records to see if the students had an adequate profile to participate in the program and from the addition they were selected, through a committee of the chef Maria do Céu and the Amazon Network.
Approximately eight schools teaching state network participated in the talks and had their students selected for the program.

Institutions that participated were: College Amazonense Dom Pedro II, state schools Frei Silvio Vagheggi, Professor Antenor Sarmento Pessoa and Francisco Albuquerque, all belonging to the District Coordination 1.

District Coordination 2 participated: state schools Tiradentes, Ondina Paula Ribeiro, Natalia Uchôa and Professor Diana Pinheiro.

Ricardo Miranda Costa, 16, student of the 2nd year of high school the state school Natalia Uchôa, He said his biggest hope is to expand its knowledge in the area of ​​food.

"My biggest expectation of this course is that I can develop enough knowledge I possess in cooking area and hope to get the first place also at the end of this experience. I like cooking and I intend to pursue a career and focus on regional cuisine to enhance our culture ", said the student.

Attended the inaugural lecture the student who stood out in the first edition of the project, John Lucas dos Santos, 18, which ranked first and was awarded a trip to the Hotel School Aguas de Sao Pedro, in Sao Paulo.

"Participating in this course has been a very good experience, because I see as a unique opportunity. Having this course for people who have an interest in this area was a very great incentive, because all we could learn more about food and I feel very happy to have participated in this class. All that remained was the opportunity to get to know the profession and this was a chance. Through this project I learned more, I learned to work with trial and error, to get along with different people and forgive the mistakes of others ", said the student who attends the 3rd high school. He emphasized that part of the course was a unique experience and a great opportunity for new knowledge.

The student will also participate in a competition at national level, to be held in Blumenau / SC and is being prepared to represent the Senac / AM. "As I distinguished myself as best here, I was selected to participate in a selective between three students and managed to win the position to be able to represent the Senac / AM. It will be a national competition more 11 States and who do better participate in another selective for another competition called Worldskills, the international level to be held in Morocco ", said.

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