Project encourages the practice of capoeira in Manaus

The "Rescue wheel of Capoeira in the Square" will take place on the first Saturday of each month, in Largo San Sebastian.
30/08/2016 16h16 - Updated 30/08/2016 16h22
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Marginalized by European, Capoeira became, over time, maximum expression of Brazilian culture. martial art that blends popular culture and music, almost been forgotten over the centuries in the country. And that does not happen, various educational projects aim to rescue these habits, since the game is too serious. This is the case of the "Rescue wheel of Capoeira in the Square", In Manaus.

With the Amazonas Government support, through the Department of Culture, the wheels will take place on the first Saturday of each month, until November, in Largo San Sebastian Cultural Centre, located in street Ten July, s/nº, in Manaus Historical Center. To participate, just a presence on site, a partir das 16h. The wheel there will be no age limit, so that everyone can interact and learn.

According to the capoeiristas responsible for the project, Francisco Oliveira, from 52 years, the manauenses still unaware of the practice of this sport. "Our society needs to know that capoeira is a complete activity for humans, mixing the issue of physical activity and discipline. This is because music brings educational messages, and encourage students to play the berimbau, atabaque, the tambourine and other instruments ", said.

Another focus of the project is the inclusion. On wheels, there will be no distinction as to sex or age of the person who wants to participate. according to Oliveira, the idea involves the interaction between different persons, directly causing the sense of community of the players. "There are no limits for Capoeira. Everyone can participate!”, ensures the instructor, which is considered Grandmaster capoeiristas, By having more than 35 years of practice of sport.

in presentations, They will still be other experienced capoeiristas guests, as Eudércio Gusmão, from 63 years, better known as Master Nene, and Thiago Litaiff, better known as Master Brutus.

mandatory law
currently, in Brazil there is a law that recognizes the educational and formative character of capoeira, allowing public and private schools of basic education to close partnerships with entities that meet capoeira professionals. It is the Senate Bill (PLS) 17 from 2014.

According to Francisco Oliveira, this project only increases the performance of students in schools. "This law is extraordinary! Because the educational benefit of capoeira exceeds the limits of the game. Not only passes the issue of fight, but the values ​​of respect and collaboration, for example", He told the Master that is regarded as the first citizen to enter Capoeira at a school in Manaus, in the late 70, while still a student at the State School Márcio Nery.

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