Project that benefits the visually impaired in the branches and banking services is approved at CMM

According to PL, the banking establishments are required to issue documents in Braille and install computer equipment suitable.
02/08/2016 14h24 - Updated 2/08/2016 14h24
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The Municipality of Manaus (CMM) approved, early on Tuesday (2), and now goes to the Municipal Executive of the sanction, No. Bill 145/2015, Councilman authored by professor Samuel (PHS), which provides for the adjustment in the structure of branches and banking services to meet the visually impaired. According to the PL, the banking establishments are required to issue documents in Braille and install computer equipment suitable for the care of people with visual impairment.

The special service to the visually impaired should also be done through tactile road signs, executed by plates that include braille language and horizontal tactile signaling performed by means of floors podotáteis, rubber or ceramic, with designs that help autonomous driving.

The councilor explained that the adequacy of the agencies and placed in service to the visually impaired should not be limited to revolving doors. "Banks have to have electronic equipment. Therefore, it is important to have an adequate for this service ", said professor Samuel, who thanked the other councilors sensitivity for project approval.

The proposition, according to the project aims to carry out constitutional principles laid down for special protection of disabled people, as Article 24 the Constitution. The issue of accessibility of guarantee for the disabled or those with reduced mobility is in the law 10.098/2000 which regulates and establishes general rules and basic criteria for the promotion of accessibility for people with disabilities or reduced mobility, and other measures and regulated by Decree 5296/2004.

The approved project, as assured Councilman, It was drawn from the finding of great difficulty for this public, nearly a quarter of the population, have their rights guaranteed and respected.

According to the IBGE, people with disabilities represent around 24% of the population and Manaus is included as one of the city with great content of disabled.

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