Proposal provides educational campaign against self-medication

Will be held lectures and activities that seek to educate participants about the dangers of self-medication.
29/08/2016 14h33 - Updated 29/08/2016 14h33
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Research Science Institute, Technology and Quality (ICTQ) shows that 72% the population takes medicine on their own and 40% self face using Internet, that is, seven in 10 people self-medicate in Brazil.

At the number, Councilman Ednailson Rozenha (PSDB), submitted a statement to Manaus Prefecture providing for the establishment of a permanent campaign of educational activities against self-medication. The campaign as proposed by the Parliamentary should be made possible by the Municipal Health (Sems) in partnership with the City Department of Education (semed).

"We need to alert the population manauara on the practice gravity take medicines on their own. A campaign by Semsa with the support of Semed help educate the citizens of our city about it. When one, for example, Search the symptom of a health problem on the Internet there are many cases, different pathologies and end up choosing a treatment without the correct diagnosis ", He highlighted the parliamentary.

According to the indication, semi actions should be made possible by secretaries, both in Basic Health Units (UBS), in municipal schools. The campaign will feature a pre-planning and drawing up a schedule so that there is no prejudice to the activities of each organ.

Will be held lectures and activities that seek to educate participants about the dangers of self-medication.

Research Institute shows that the reasons for people to automediquem are as follows: avoid going to the emergency room because they consider a crowded environment and do not find the view of the important medical.
According to an article published in the national press, the first edition of the, realized in 2014, It showed that the index was 76,4%. But still, the current number is high, second specialists.

One of the biggest risks of the practice is for self-medicating a person postpones the diagnosis of certain diseases, It takes a medication that does not contribute to their improvement and loses the opportunity to have a diagnosis with greater chance of control and cure. "I hope that our statement is approved at CMM and implemented by the Municipal Government", concluded Rozenha.

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