PT launches primer on Lula's defense in four languages

According to the document, investigations found nothing capable of linking Lula to deviations made in Petrobras.
17/08/2016 17h17 - Updated 18/08/2016 09h31
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To amplify the arguments presented by the defense of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on corruption charges to PT, the PT National Directory produced a booklet entitled The Judicial Hunt for former President Lula. In four languages ​​- Portuguese, English, Spanish and French - the publication will be distributed to large vehicles of national and global communication, to state and local directories party, and parliamentarians and PT leaders from all over Brazil.

The document was based on the application that the lawyers of the former president filed in late July at the United Nations (HIM) denouncing the treatment that has been given to Lula by sectors of Justice and the Media, to which the defense accused of harassment. According to the press office of PT, the primer has begun to be distributed.

"While trying to find a crime - anyone - to condemn Lula in court, Brazil opponents of greater political leader promote a trial by media, in the most violent campaign of defamation against a public figure in the history of the country ", denounces primer stretch.

no document, PT said in more than 40 years of public activity, the life of former president was searched in all aspects, "More than any other Brazilian political", and that only the military dictatorship sentenced and arrested Lula, in 1980, based on the National Security Law, for "subversion", during the struggle for democratization of the country.

"Despite the false accusations that always suffered, He never showed nothing wrong with Lula's life, because he always acted within the law, before, during and after being president of Brazil ", says another part of the document.

According to PT primer, since the re-election of President Dilma Rousseff away, in October 2014, Lula became the target of a real judicial hunt. "Partidarizados Agents of the State, the Public Ministry, the Federal Police and the Judiciary, They mobilized in order to find a crime - anyone -. to accuse Lula and take him to court "

Not text, the party indicates the federal judge Sergio Moro, responsible for the actions of Operation Lava jet in the first instance, as one of the promoters of "persecution" Lula. It says Moro and prosecutors of the task force operation subject the former president to a series of "constraints and arbitrariness, which violate not only their guarantees, but the principles of the democratic rule of law, threatening the entire society ".

The booklet cites as evidence of this persecution breaks of banking secrecy, tax and telephone Lula, of your kids, your company lectures and Lula Institute. Second or document, persecution also extended to their lawyers.

Coercive conduct of the former president to give testimony to the Federal Police on 4 March this year and the disclosure of a telephone conversation with Dilma, later considered illegal by the Supreme Court, also demonstrate the persecution suffered by PT, according to the primer.

"In the absence of formal charges, because Lula has always acted within the law, promote a trial by media (trial by media), without balance and without the right to contradictory. rumors, conclusions and selective investigations leaks are released with fanfare, a real moral and political lynching ", according to the text.

The booklet also says that the former president has collaborated with all investigations and, only in the last 12 months, Lula gave five statements to the Federal Police and provided information in writing to the Public Prosecutor in two surveys.

The text attributed much of the persecution of the former president to the political leadership of the PT. "Lula is pursued because they can not defeat him at the polls. And despite the systematic campaign of legal and media defamation, still rated in polls as the best president Brazil has ever had, in addition to leading the polls for a future presidential election ", says the playbook.

The text also says that the campaign made against Lula is "the most oppressive propaganda operation ever made against a public official in Brazil".

Source: Agency Brazil

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