low-skilled and problems with candidates distanced documents of jobs, Self alert

Among the most recurring issues is poor education and lack of specific training for the job offered by companies.
22/08/2016 14h35 - Updated 23/08/2016 10h44
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From January to July this year, the State System of the Amazon Employment (Sine) forwarded 7.769 people for vacancies in the labor market in Manaus. Per day, demand for formal employment takes about 400 people the center maintained by the State Labour Department (Setrab) at Avenida Joaquim Nabuco, center of the capital. But the low education, the few professional qualifications and problems with personal documents are hurting those who are looking for employment, says the service manager of Sine, Silvano Silva.

In the competition for places for industry, trade, services and construction, most of the candidates reaches the Sine Amazon collides with the professional qualification. Among the most recurring issues is poor education and lack of specific training for the job offered by companies. "The selection for the vacancies is rigorous and follows the specific training requirements for the position imposed by companies. This makes it difficult to fully meet the demands of employers ", said Silva.

While the job does not come, the employee must invest in courses and organize personal documents. This is because the loss and document maturity has also muddled who battle a place. "Search qualification and organize documents. Many end up getting out of referrals for lack of documentation. I can not duplicate the certificate or do not have the qualification regularized. In a period of difficulty and strong competition, every detail is crucial ", guides Sine Amazonas manager.

In Sine Amazon employment center, it is possible to register the curriculum and apply for job interviews. For each wave captured by Sine, three candidates are sent to the job interview. Another important alternative for the worker is site More Jobs. On the page, You can register, know the places available and make a pre-booking for interview forwarding.

"That's the worker's access portal for Sine. So on the site, You can see available positions and, when you find a job within your profile, it makes a pre-selection that indicates to the post of Sine, checks the documentation and profile to generate referral ", says Silva.

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