Burned decrease for the second consecutive week in the Amazon, second Sema

Satellite data show that in the period 15 a 22 August this year were registered 715 heat sources, Against 1.857 in 2015.
23/08/2016 13h53 - Updated 24/08/2016 09h35
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The burning rates in the Amazon reduced for a second week in relation to 2015. This time the reduction was 61,50% compared to the same period last year, as the weekly bulletin evolution of fires released by the Ministry of Environment (Schema). Satellite data show that in the period 15 a 22 August this year were registered 715 heat sources, Against 1.857 in 2015.

of 62 Amazon municipalities, 46 showed fire occurrences. Last week the reduction was 46,94% compared to the same period last year, with outbreaks 42 counties. Lábrea and Apuí (respectively 453 e 702 kilometers from Manaus, in a straight line) They led the "ranking" of last week, both with 91 occurrences. This week, Apuí appears first with 98 foci, Lábrea and second with 81 records, followed by Novo Aripuana (73) e Boca do Acre (61), which is 1.028 kilometers from the capital, in a straight line. Six municipalities had only one focus of burned, including Tabatinga, Itamarati, Carauari e Barcelos (respectively 1.108, 985, 788 e 399 kilometers from Manaus, in a straight line).

The actions to combat fires campaign "Say No to fire. You are also responsible "arrived on Monday, 22, the municipality of Novo Aripuana, a 227 kilometers from the capital, in a straight line. A great mobilization is being held in the municipality that includes, among other works, forming fire brigades. The course is taught by Forest Fire Battalion and Environment (BIFMA) Fire Department. The initiative is coordinated by the managers of the Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS) do Juma e Rio Madeira, poio with the Amazon Region Protected Areas Program (Barley).

The course is part of the visitation schedule to the Metropolitan Region of Manaus (RMM), South and Lower Amazon carried out by the technical team of Sema. Until the second half of September will be visited 25 counties. The program includes meetings with local leaders to create and implement the Municipal Committee for Fighting Fires and Wildfires, in addition to the municipal plan against fires with working strategies appropriate to the reality of each municipality.

"The actions are being increasingly intensified, but we need the participation of the population, mainly, this time of year when we have high temperatures that favor burnings. We are in the field with Ipaam and Fire focusing work, at this time, in the seven municipalities that are leading the ranking of fires this year. The challenge is great, but the work has already shown positive results with lower heat sources than last year ", said Luiz Andrade, Assistant Secretary of Sema, which is coordinating the work in the visitation schedule to the State.

The initiative follows the implementation of the "Plan prevention, control and fighting fires ", released in early June this year, in a joint effort of Sema, Institute of Amazonas Environmental Protection (Ipaam), Amazon Fire Brigade (CBMAM) Civil Defense and State.

Fires in the Amazon
The period analysis 15 a 22 August 2016 shows that were recorded 4.516 hot spots in the Amazon. Last week, from 8 a 15 of August, were 3.478. Despite increasing a week for other, there was a reduction of 61,38% the annual review, since they were recorded 11.694 outbreaks of fires, in the same period, in 2015. Of the nine states that make up the Amazon Roraima only showed an increase.

In the case of identification burned, the Fire Department should be triggered by the phone 193, reporting the address and the reference point occurring. Reports of environmental crimes must be made to Ipaam by telephone (92) 2123-6715/6729 and the mayor of each municipality.

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