Northern Region has the highest population of delinquent consumers, says SPC

The opening of the window of arrears by sector of the economy shows that Brazil still faces difficulties to carry out the payment of basic accounts.
09/08/2016 10h49 - Updated 10/08/2016 10h40
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Despite consumer delinquencies to signs of slowing, Second indicator calculated by the credit bureau (SPC Brazil) and the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL). We last months, the Northeast was the one that had the greatest growth in the number of debtors: high of 5,01% on year. Then, the North, an increase of 0,85%. Already the South and Midwest regions showed slight indentations, from -1,12% e -1,23%, respectively.

Despite the Northeast have shown the greatest increase in new default, is the North that has, proportionally, the largest population of delinquent consumers: 5,24 million people with overdue bills, or represents 45,58% of the adult population of this region.

Or Midwest, with absolute number of 4,69 millions, It has the second highest proportion of the adult population in default situation (41,55%). The Northeast region recorded 16,26 million negative results, with 41,27% the adult population. Lastly, o The, a total of 8,16 million to negative consumer, It has the lowest ratio (36,98% the adult population).

Water and electricity are leading growth
According to the SPC Brazil, the opening of the debt indicator in arrears by economy sector shows that Brazil still faces difficulties to carry out the payment of basic accounts. The biggest advance in the number of debts was with utilities services companies such as water and electricity, whose top reached 8,33% on year.

"In addition to increased consumer difficult to afford even their basic accounts, amid economic crisis, companies these services show more willingness to be negative delinquent consumers as a way to accelerate the receipt of overdue commitments. It has become more common for these companies negativem the Registration of Individuals (CPF) resident before making the cut in supply ", says the chief economist Marcela Kawauti, in a statement.

The debts with banks grow 2,48%, while the delays along forward trade 1,42% the annual comparison basis. The only sector in which there was a decrease in the number of new registered debts was the communication, which includes pay TV, Internet and telephony, indented 5,17%.

Source: Agency Brazil

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