Renan says provocation of PT senators can hurt Dilma

Calheiros claimed he suffered a "disproportionate provocation" of Gleisi and her colleagues opposed to impeachment.
27/08/2016 13h04 - Updated 27/08/2016 13h04
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Senate President, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), said he "regrets very much" to have played one squabble with Senator Gleisi Hoffmann (PT-PR) on the floor of the House on Friday (26), second day of the trial of the impeachment of President Rousseff away. Renan said, however, the provocative behavior of the PT senators could harm President Dilma Rousseff in the vote next week.

"This discussion only takes votes, does not add votes. That's a stupid, is a shot in the foot. That's what I said. That is why, gave what gave, why [PT members] They have coexistence strategy, harm people and add nothing. The political process is a construction, it must always add people, and not separate them ", said Senator.

Renan claimed that suffered a "disproportionate provocation" of Gleisi and her colleagues opposed to the impeachment and just "going berserk". For or senator, such behavior is a "shot in the foot", one "stupid".

"I was long accused of being allied with the PT. This is the fourth time I am president of the Senate and the National Congress. Now, instead of preserving this asset to have as President a person leading the process with exemption, authoritatively, with balance, With responsability, they are trying to attract the President of the Senate for political confrontation. What it means? Nothing, absolutely nothing from the point of view of history ", he said.

Senate President did not clarify what the senator said to get him out of serious, but said that "many people" was bothered by the fact that it reaches the end of a process "exhausting as this" without saying whether and how will vote.

"I had come down to appeal to common sense, facilitássemos to the mission of the President of the Supreme Court [Minister Ricardo Lewandowski] . And the Senate could struggle, I defended, to undo this image that here people live is assaulting, is criticizing. When complete intervention, I thanked, I apologized again and shut up. And I was provoked. Although exercise every day tolerance, temperance, It is difficult to escape, sometimes, provocation ", he added.

Despite the tone of regret, the end of the interview, Renan spoke of ingratitude. Early, in a statement, Senator had said that helped Gleisi and her husband, former Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo, indicted for accepting bribes in Operation Lava Jato, by the Supreme Court (STF). "Maybe in time we review the Criminal Code we must consider aggravating the penalty for ingratitude", said Renan.

A senator, in turn, He considered the episode “overcome "with the statement issued by Renan, in which he points out that it was "institutional" the way it intervened in favor of it in the Supreme Court ". "It was a moment of tension and nervousness in the placement of Renan president was not correct in relation to the facts", said Gleisi. Senator praised the conduct of the trial by the Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, calling it "very experienced". to Gleisi, Lewandowski knew perceive the tension of the moment and acted correctly to temporarily suspend work.

The bench of the PT in the Senate expressed solidarity with Senator Gleisi Hoffmann (PR). “At no time, Senator Gleisi requested or benefited from any advantage arising from third-party interference in the Supreme Court (STF), either because I would never accept it, is because that court is not susceptible to such expedients. The interventions of the Senate filed in the Supreme Court - which are, the No complaints 23.585 e nº 24.473, of which Gleisi Senator is part - were institutional and defending the constitutional privileges of all members of this House”, the statement said.

Source: Agency Brazil

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