Meetings and rallies marked the first day of the campaign of candidates in Manaus

Hiking and 'bandeiraços’ in the streets, as well as videos and posts on social networks were the main actions of the candidates.
17/08/2016 09h14 - Updated 17/08/2016 14h23
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The first day of the campaign of candidates for councilor positions and mayor in Manaus, He began to steam with top hiking, leafleting, marches and meetings in neighborhoods. On the social networks, It was common to flood photos and application disclosure posts, ranging from the profile pictures live broadcasts of meetings with community.

On Tuesday early, the mayoral candidate Marcelo Ramos (PR) and his deputy, Mr Joshua Neto (PSD) They attended a gluing of cars in one of the campaign HQs. Ace 7h the two candidates were in Eldorado Ball panfletando and greet drivers and pedestrians passing on site. The afternoon and evening Marcelo and Joshua gave interviews and made community meetings, and it came to pass one of them on your Facebook page. This Wednesday, Marcelo will present his government plan in a live broadcast scheduled for 10am on your Facebook page.

The coalition “Only by Manaus” whose candidates Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) and his deputy, Mr Mark Rotta (PMDB), He started the campaign with a walk in Bethany, south of the capital. Rotta was the one who commanded the action alongside Congressman Arthur Bisneto, because the mayor Arthur Neto was in office hours and said he will not give up this time.

The candidate for mayor Manaus, Jose Ricardo (PT), or candidate for vice, Yann Evanovick (PCdoB), held "bandeiraços" and walks through the streets of Manaus. In the morning, candidates were in front of the T1, in Constantino Nery, then went to the Market Adolpho Lisboa, Center, to talk with the local permit holders, and finished the afternoon with all militancy gathered in front of the Terminal 3, New City, North Zone. This Wednesday (17), mobilizations and "bandeiraços" began at 7 am in Terminal 2 (Cachoeirinha), and should also take place at 16h in Terminal 4 (Jorge Teixeira).

Silas House candidate (PRB) He began his campaign with a hike in bus terminals in the morning, and later held a walk in the park 10, on the afternoon of Tuesday (16), neighborhood who spent his childhood. Also participating in the walk the vice presidential candidate, Colonel Amadeu, and dozens of candidates for councilors, as well as people from different segments of society.

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