Rio 2016 begins today with women's football; Brazil debut for gold

More than a unique title, the players see the achievement a way to get definitive statement of the sport in the country.
03/08/2016 12h08 - Updated 3/08/2016 12h08
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Even before the official opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, Brazil enters the field for his first race. This Wednesday (3), the Brazilian women's soccer begins to chase a gold medal against the selection of China. The match takes place at 16h at the stadium Engenhão (Rio de Janeiro) and will be broadcast by the National Radio for the whole country.

More than a unique title, the players of the selection see the achievement a way to get a definitive statement of the sport in the country.

"The gold conquest would be decisive for the evolution of women's football in Brazil. People know that we won a silver, but one gold no one forgets. Athletes who won gold medals were not forgotten and still receive help, sponsors ", points to the goalkeeper Bárbara.

Her hope and other athletes is that visibility in the sport make their own clubs in the country and strengthen, who knows, the girls soccer fall both in the taste of the fans as the male. For a while, the figures show a different reality: the 18 called for games, 13 They play abroad and five are part of the permanent selection, project established in early 2015 in order to ensure a good result at the Olympics.

Barbarian, which is one of the athletes of the permanent team, emphasizes the quality of the project: "This year and a half we were together only had to add. We lives on a daily basis and now we can play with eyes closed. I believe that the selection now has a face and we can get the medal ", points.

Despite the assurance of the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), Marco Polo Del Nero, that the project will continue, not yet known whether the current players will be kept. "We do not know what will be done in the post-Olympics. Some players have contract, other non-. I do not have, but I intend to continue, help my country and develop my work ", says. The performance itself Olympics could be decisive in relation to the continuity of some athletes in the selection.

Farewell Captain

The Olympics also marks the farewell of the captain of the Brazilian team, Ant. to 38 years, it will end his career after the dispute of the sixth edition of the games. Barbara says the Olympic title would not only be a way to close the loop on Ant with a golden key selection as would also be a way for other players to convince then the team.

"She quit is a big loss for us we play football. Although she had an advanced age, this is not much because the potential that it has is infinite. We really wanted it this continuity. We need a lot of it. We go in search of this gold. Maybe it motivates more to try to get something with the selection ".

After the match against China, Barbara's team, Ant and other players (as playmaker Marta), still face South Africa and Sweden. altogether, twelve teams compete for the women's football tournament at the Olympics.

Others games

In Rio de Janeiro, Sweden and South Africa are facing today from 13h. Arena Corinthians, in Sao Paulo, Canada plays against Australia, 15h, and Zimbabwe takes Germany to 18h.

Already in Belo Horizonte, the Mineirao, United States v New Zealand duel from 19h, and further, 22h, the last game of the day between France-Colombia. During the competition, there will also be games played by women in Brasilia and Manaus.

Source: Agency Brazil

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