Mud River forms in São Jorge after pipe rupture Environmental Manaus

Pipe broke on Tuesday (30) on Avenida Coronel Teixeira, the west of the capital.
30/08/2016 16h48 - Updated 30/08/2016 18h19

Five months after the mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) announced it would make a "thorough audit" in Environmental Manaus, more a water pipe broke, on Tuesday (30), Avenida Coronel Teixeira, the west of the capital, creating a river of mud near the German's Basement. The Buriti Street was one of the most affected by water. See the video:

This is not the first time a water pipe breaks in Manaus. Soon he took the city of Manaus in 2013, a pipe broke in Compensates neighborhood, leaving a crater and dozens of people without water. Arthur threatened to break the contract with the water utility if the service did not improve, and renegotiated some goals Environmental Manaus, However, months after new pipes were broken.

The report requested positioning of Manaus Prefecture on the subject, including in relation to the audit announcement announced by Mayor Arthur in April.

Environmental Manaus walks did not comment on the incident.


Disruption of another pipe reveals the exact representation of the lack of the current administration's commitment to fundamental questions of life manauara population, bringing with it the well-known of the current mayor promises package, who also promised to build one hundred nursery schools and not even half built.

Remember that Manaus Environmental Company, which also received the city grace Proama and does not fulfill the contract to the letter, insists charge 100% sewage charge on the water bill, when it does not offer the service in nearly all the city.

And while there is something missed for lack of maintenance of water mains, residents of the communities of Campos Salles and Carbrás, Torquato Tapajós Avenue stopped to protest after several days of water shortage. When the mayor said he would "well water" in Manaus, we did not know that was what he was talking about!

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