SEDUC disclose the programming of the Week of the country and the Amazon

Civic schedules are directed to students and the community at large.
29/08/2016 12h13 - Updated 29/08/2016 12h13
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With the theme "Education transforming the lives of people in the Amazon", the State Government, through the Secretary of State for Education and quality of education (SEDUC), officially opens, next September 1, the activities of the Week of the country and the Amazon 2016. Civic schedules are directed to students and the community at large, and aims to highlight the historical facts of the Amazon Rise to the Province Category (5) and of the Independence of Brazil (7).

official opening

Next Thursday, September 1, It happens the ceremony of the Blessing of the Fire Symbolic of the Fatherland, at 7:30 am in the Church of Our Lady of Sameiro, on Avenida Coronel Teixeira, Ponta Negra, West Zone of Manaus. Shortly thereafter, It will be held the Fire Race Symbolic of the Fatherland, Church output at 8:15 am bound for Ponta Negra Complex (near the station of the Municipal Guard), at where, at 9 am, It happens the Opening Ceremony of the Week of the country and the Amazon 2016.

no day 5 of September, 7:30 am, It happens to Posthumous Tribute to João Baptista de Figueiredo Tenreiro Aranha (1Th President of Amazonas Province). The ceremony will be at the Plaza 5 of September (Saudade Square). at 10 am, at the Centro Cultural Palacio Rio Negro, It happens Consular Corps Enforcement of the Amazon to the Governor of the State.

school parade
with approximately 7 thousand students, the state and municipal education, as well as students from the private network, as the Baptist Canaan Educational Center, students of the Federal Institute of Education, Amazon Science and Technology (Ifam) - Campus East Zone, Pathfinder Youth Ministries of the Seventh-day Adventist students and military Military College of Manaus and Colleges of Education State Network Amazonas Military Police Church will brighten the parades, with scheduled start of the 17h of the day 5 of September. As traditionally happens, the shows will be at the Convention Center - Sambodromo.

Total, 15 platoons will pass "samba avenue", opening the shows with the Special Education Squad, with the District Coordinator of Education 1; e.e. Manoel Marcal; e.e. Diofanto Vieira Monteiro; e.e. Augusto Carneiro dos Santos; Municipal Manaus Education (semed); Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional Children (Apae); Abrigo Moacir Alves; Amazon Futurists Association; College Brasileiro Pedro Silvestre; College Amazonense Dom Pedro II; Flags of Schools Coordinator District Education 1; Free Silvio Vagheggi (Fanfare) and CDE Team 01 and School Managers.

Closing the school parade, comes the Colleges of the Amazon Military Police State Schools, approximately 3 thousand students, Suçuarana divided or group, PM Forming Citizen Program, College of Military Police of Petrópolis and CMPMs Marcantônio Vilaca II; Waldocke Fricke de Lira; Aurea Pinheiro Braga; Eliana de Freitas Moraes and Evandro Carreira.

Days 6 e 7
no day 6 of September, at 9 am, on the beach of Ponta Negra, It happens Naval Parade. On Day holiday 7 of September, 8:15, coordinated by the Amazon Military Command (CMA) and with support from the Secretariat and State for Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC) Ceremonial and State Government, It will be done or Military Parade. The Military Parade will also be at the Convention Center - Sambodromo.

Ending the week of festivities of the country and the Amazon, Muting the solemnity of the Symbolic Fire takes place in the complex Ponta Negra, 17h, and will be coordinated by SEDUC and Freemasonry.

In this year, three personalities who made history will be honored. In the category national figure will be the artist Moacir Couto de Andrade. He began his career as a building designer, area who served for more than two decades and has dedicated his life to creating projects in engineering, while that produced their art. It is internationally renowned for works that portrayed the Amazon region and the river life. Moacir Couto de Andrade died on 27 July this year, to 89 years, victim of biliary complications.

In the category state figure, the Ritta businesswoman Cassia Araujo Calderaro will be honored. Married to the journalist Umberto Calderaro Son, founder of the journal Critique, He continued ahead of the business Calderaro Communication Network group after her husband's death, for more than 20 years. Died on 25 June this year and left a history marked by the daily struggle of work.

In the category women amazonense, the honoree will be the teacher Maria das Graças Silva. Concursada of SEDUC from 1974, she has taught in state schools Santa Terezinha and Humberto de Campos. On his journey as an educator, It has done important work on behalf of children, Amazon and indigenous youth.

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