Seduc participates in social activities held at the Arena Amazonia and Ponta Negra on game days for Olympics

The groups were composed of servers of each partner agency of shares and were divided into strategic points.
12/08/2016 15h40 - Updated 12/08/2016 15h40
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The State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (Seduc) participated in an integrated and coordinated by the Center for Integrated Command and Control (CICC) and the Rio Olympic Committee 2016. this work, They were being developed social actions coordinated by the State Department of Administration and Management (Sead) during the games held in Manaus for the Rio Olympics 2016.

In the Seduc, other partners were part of actions, among them the Program for Prevention of Violence and Combat Use of Narcotics and Narcotic (prevents) Public Security Bureau (SSP); Department of Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship (Sejusc); State Plan to Combat Sexual Violence against Children and Adolescents (Cevsca); Municipal Secretariat for Women, Social Assistance and Human Rights (Semmasdh); Guardianship Council; State Company of Amazonas Tourism (Amazonastur) and Secretary of State of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Seped).

groups were formed servers that have become social abordadores. The groups were composed of servers in each of the actions partner agency and were divided into strategic points of the Amazon Arena and Ponta Negra on game days for Olympics. Approximately 147 professionals were involved in these social actions, being that 16 these social abordadores were the Seduc.

human rights and citizenship – The general design of these actions was to establish the convergence of intentions between the institutional actors and civil society, through intervention strategies for the promotion and guarantee of human rights and citizenship in the previous period, during and after these major events held in the State of Amazonas.

Among the planned measures were assisted children and adolescents in situations of personal and social risk as abandonment, exploitation of child labor, mistreatment, exploitation of the elderly and people with disabilities, women in situations of sexual exploitation, victims of human trafficking, use of licit and illicit drugs, among others.

The server of the Program Management, Projects and Customer Service School (Geppae) the Seduc, Claudia Lustosa, It is one of those responsible for coordinating the activities related to Secretariat. She explains that social action was a means of verifying if there was violation of rights and guarantee them.

"This social action was a guarantee and a way to protect the rights of children, teenagers, women, seniors and people with disabilities. The role of social abordador was to determine vulnerabilities and the rights of these individuals were being violated ", said.

Awareness – In an independent activity, the Seduc, through its Program Management, Projects and Customer Service School (Geppae), He took the opportunity of actions to strengthen guidance to schools to do an awareness with students. They were portrayed themes as prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and child labor, care that parents should have with their children at big events, exposure to alcohol and drugs, human traffic, among others.

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