Match security between Brazil vs. Colombia in AM will be over 1,5 thousand servers

The Tactical Plan will follow the model used in the World Cup 2014 In Manaus.
30/08/2016 16h22 - Updated 31/08/2016 15h15
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More of 1,5 thousand servers 30 different government agencies should act in the security of the Game Brazil vs Colombia, no dia 6 of September, in the Amazon Arena, In Manaus. The Security Tactical Plan and Integrated was released early on Tuesday (30), the Center for Integrated Command and Control (CICC). More of 33 thousand tickets have already been sold.

According to the Deputy Executive Secretary for Planning and Integrated Management of SSP-AM, Colonel of the Amazon Military Police, Dan Hall, Tactical Plan will follow the model used in the World Cup 2014 In Manaus. "We maintain a similar plan integration, because the game is an event with the same organization mold Cup. This integration aims to ensure the tranquility of the population and tourists on 6 September in the Amazon Arena, acting as a support to ensure public order ", said Colonel.

The intention is to provide integrated security to those involved in the event, through preventive actions, ostensive policing and prompt response, needed to complete the game. Security includes escort delegations, safety in hotels, training centers, Arena Amazônia and adjacencies, and the open training of the Brazilian on 3 September in the Arena, to which are expected over 20 thousand people.

The Brazil-Colombia game will also feature the installation of cameras in the inner and outer perimeters of the stadium, where interoperate in real time with the Integrated Command and Control. They will be installed in the Amazon Arena the Center for Integrated Command and Control Mobile, Local (CICC-L) and Observation Platform High (POE).

Part of the operation the representatives of the agencies that compose the Public Security System (Civil police, Military police, Fire Department, DMV-AM, DPTC, SSP-AM), State Department of Youth Sporting Goods (Sejel); Municipal Institute of Engineering and Traffic Surveillance (Manaustrans); Municipal Social Welfare and Human Rights - SEMASDH; Sub Municipal Trade, markets, Production and Supply (Subsempab); Municipal Superintendence of Urban Transportation (SMTU); Guardianship Council; Health Surveillance Manaus - Manaus VISA, among others.

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