Security for the Olympic Games will 88 thousand agents

The Olympics Rio 2015 They start on Friday, day 5.
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The security operation and defense for the Rio Olympics 2016 – which starts next Friday (5) – will feature 88 thousand agents of public security and the armed forces. For the Security extraordinary secretary for Major Events, the Ministry of Justice and Citizenship, Andrei Rodrigues, the country is ready to ensure security during the Games. "I say with absolute confidence and tranquility: Brazil is prepared to host the Games, It has shown that it is prepared in previous events. Increased its preparation with the training of professionals, with infrastructure investment ", said the Agency Brazil.

The Strategic Plan for Integrated Security for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016, published in the Official Gazette in October last year, brings the main objectives and responsibilities of the agencies involved.

The plan lists the main risk scenarios that could impact the Rio Games security operation 2016: acts of terrorism or sabotage of any kind; violent actions committed during social events; crime and urban violence; commitment of the urban mobility system; collective health commitment; commitment of essential services; cyberattacks; natural phenomena; as well as incidents and disasters.

In the axis of public safety, agents of the Federal Police (PF), Federal Highway, Military and Civil and National Force, among others, take care of policing strategic areas such as public transport, airports, attractions, the surrounding hotels, training centers of delegations, official training camps, stadiums and competitions venues. These agents will also act in demonstrations, fight between fans and escorting delegations and authorities.

Representatives of the Public Security Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro, Federal Police, Federal Highway Police, National Public Security Force, Military police, Civil police, Fire Department, CET-Rio and Municipal Guard, besides the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (what) and the Armed Forces, They will work together in the Center for Integrated Command and Control.

The operational plan goes to 18 of September, end date of the Paralympic Games.

International cooperation

To improve safety, foreign police will be in Brazil. More of 250 police 55 countries will work in Brasilia and in Rio de Janeiro. Some of them will work in the International Police Cooperation Centre, led by the Federal Police.

Foreign police can check criminal records and check the authenticity of documents for fans. They will also have the interpreters function, work disarmed and will be supervised by PF.

"A very important axis is the international cooperation with the International Police Cooperation Centre and the Coping Centre of Terrorism, which are coordinated by the Federal Police. They come as a support, a support for PF, and not as a police power ", said Secretary Andrei Rodrigues, that is Federal Police.

for Rodrigues, the Olympiad fan profile is different from the World Cup. "There's no one profile that traditional football passion and rivalry that football arouses, but it does not mean that we will neglect. When we are willing to host an event like the Olympics, the biggest event of all, we can not relax on the security level of preparedness ", he added. "There has to be preparation for all, and we are prepared for the worst case scenario. At the Worldcup [from 2014], there was concern over the violent demonstrations and followed by mapping it ".


For the Rio Games 2016, the Ministry of Justice is investing $ 350 million in security, who were employed in the acquisition of equipment, the training of police, firemen and municipal guards, the expansion of the monitoring system, among other actions.

The Ministry of Defence has allocated R $ 854,4 millions, period not 2014 a 2016, for the preparation and operation of military troops in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In the river, near 22 thousand military will make the defense and security of the Games.

Assigning each force

what – The Brazilian Intelligence Agency, body responsible for planning, the execution, coordination, supervision and control of intelligence activities in the country, coordinates the development of risk analysis, knowledge production and dissemination of information.

Armed Forces - Army troops, Navy and Air Force have a role in controlling the airspace, in defense of the territorial sea, cyber defense, not counterterrorism, the protection of strategic structures, as energy and water supply stations, in support of public safety in operation as well as contingency force.

National Public Security Force – Formed by police and fire departments of the states of the elite groups, is the safety of competitions and training facilities, access control to facilities, participates scans, besides the safety of the playing field, the public and athletes.

Federal police – airport border police, port, immigration, terrorism, intelligence, Security of Heads of State. A PF, along with the National Strength, will scans, which are the safety inspection in all premises.

Military police – It operates in ostensive police patrolling the streets, with tactical groups of civilian control, and authorities of scouts activities.

Civil police – Acts as judicial police and the tactical group counterterrorism

Federal Highway Police - Acts in traffic education and enforcement actions and prevention and prosecution of criminal actions. specialized police in biker scout service will also make the security authorities and escort athletes.

Municipal Guarda – Acts in public places and in partnership with CET-Rio, aid in the access control points to external perimeters of facilities.

CET-Rio - The Traffic Engineering Company operates in traffic control.

Fire Department - Does civil defense activity.

Source: Agency Brazil

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