Six members of the Irish Olympic Committee are prohibited from leaving Brazil

The Irish are involved in a scheme selling tickets for the Olympic Games at inflated prices.
23/08/2016 10h16 - Updated 23/08/2016 10h20
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Six members of the Olympic Committee of Ireland are prohibited from leaving Brazil for determination of Justice because of alleged involvement in a scheme sale of tickets for the Olympic Games at inflated prices, or characterized cambismo. William O’Brien, Joah Delaney, Dermott Heniham, Linda O'Riley, Kevin Kilty and Sthephen Maryim had the seizure of their passports authorized by Judge Leticia D'Aiuto de Moraes Ferreira Michelli, the Juvenile Court of the Fan and Major Events.

In addition to the Irish committee, research also investigates the involvement of companies THG and Pro10 Team in the scheme.

According to Judge, a ban on leaving the country was necessary to prevent the suspects go away after the end of Rio 2016 "What would seriously undermine the ongoing investigations and bring clear prejudice to the application of criminal law".

The Civil Police of Rio served search warrants in the hotel room where the leaders were staying and the office of the committee in the village of Athletes. In addition to passports, phones and computers were seized. The material will be used in research on the existence of criminal association for cambismo of Rio tickets 2016.

The President of the Olympic Committee of Ireland, Patrick Hickey, He was arrested last week and taken to the prison complex of Bangu, in the west of the city. They are also investigated four directors of the British company THG, specializing in the hospitality major sporting events, e da irlandesa Pro10 Team, authorized by the International Olympic Committee (WATCH) to sell Olympic tickets Rio.

Source: Agency Brazil

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