Sejusc performs 3rd PAC Alternative in eastern areas, North and West

They will be issued as documents RG (1ª e 2ª vias) and CPF (1ª e 2ª vias), copy, laminating documents and other services.
24/08/2016 15h18 - Updated 25/08/2016 09h05
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The Department of Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship (Sejusc), makes no Saturday, day 27 of August, from 8h to 17h, the 3rd edition of "Emergency Care Citizen – Alternative "in Alvorada neighborhood, in Judge John Machado Avenue, No. 4922, Midwest zone of Manaus, in malls Kapok, the avenue Noel Nutels, No. 1762, New Town neighborhood, North Zone, and Uai São José, in Cosme Ferreira Avenue, No. 4605 San Jose neighborhood, East zone.

In places will be issued as documents RG (1ª e 2ª vias) and CPF (1ª e 2ª vias), in addition to the available photo services, copying and laminating documents. There will be, also, beautification advice with tips for makeup and skin care.

In Kapok will be offered other services such as male hair cut, rapid HIV test and crafts workshop. In Uai Shopping pressure measurement will be performed, blood glucose test and oral hygiene orientation with the support of the Amazonas State University (UEA) citizen.

Documents needed to request RG
Birth Certificate and, I was married, bring Marriage Certificate; Proof of current address. If the proof is in the name of another person, it must be signed by that person in the back and must present the same RG copy. If you want the CPF recorded in RG, must present the document and the declaration, extract or printed issued by the IRS in the record that it is not valid.

Young people under the age of 18 years, as the Civil Code (lei 10.406, from 10.01.2002), They must be accompanied by the father and mother or a grandparent with identity document, or yet, in the absence of one of these, a representative appointed by the legally competent judge, which should be identified (RG) and sign on the spot, declaring responsibility for the minor.

Documents needed to request CPF
For 1st copy must present birth certificate, Marriage or RG; Voter registration; Proof of current address; Children 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or a grandparent. For 2nd copy are needed, Social Security number, RG and Voter Registration.

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