women's football future permanent selection is threatened with the end of Rio 2016

The end of the women's team was expected, but it is not a unanimous opinion and divides fans, players and sportswriters.
23/08/2016 10h03 - Updated 23/08/2016 10h03
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Created in 2015 with the aim of improving the level of women's football to compete in the World Cup in Canada and the Rio Olympics 2016, the continued selection of women's football sees its future threatened with the end of the two events. For those who followed the women's football, the end of the permanent selection was expected, but it is not a unanimous opinion and divides fans, players and sportswriters.

On the one hand, some argue that the permanent women's team did not reach the expected goal. This is the opinion of William Douglas, sports reporter of Brazil Communications Company (EBC). “The problem is that this project did not work, despite the good look initial design. Asked to meshing of the players, but at the time that calls are only four of the permanent selection, we did not really have a permanent selection”, says.

for Douglas, women's football needs to have a more complex base. “The solution is much more to structure a championship, clubs, have calendar, [girls] participate in strong competitions to separate 15, 20 and get them out of this competition rhythm”, advocates.

William Douglas believes that women's football should follow another path. “You need a long project, Really, touched by those who know the women's football. I think it's time to think about including technical committee and women leaders. We already have generations of players since the early 1990, then these girls have to have a voice also to be able to take decisions in women's football”, supports.

The other side
Anthropologist Ana Paula Silva, Fluminense Federal University, advocates the maintenance of female permanent selection and complains of comparisons between female and male teams, since one of the arguments of those who defend the end of this strategy is that it does not exist for men. For specialist, it is important to analyze women's football as something independent of male. “The specific modalities, and so should be treated. Only in football there is this comparison. in volleyball, for example, no one is comparing women's and men's team. It is understood that are different forms of game, with other features that make them are not subject to comparison”, rating.

Following this reasoning, Ana Paula says that the end of permanent women's team would not be a solution. “The development and history of women's football is very different from male. There are leagues, tournaments, and the boys are trained from early childhood to football, which does not happen with women. The permanent selection is a way to keep a group of women training and playing. Men do not need it because almost play all year in their respective teams. Ending the women's team is discrediting the women's game fighting the hard way, in a country that sees and preaches the ideology of football as 'man thing'”.

The host of the program Stadium, TV Brazil, and member of the Federal Council of Physical Education, Wagner Gomes, It is also against the end of the permanent selection. “Brazil does not have strong regional championships in women's football, and players who want to keep in active have to stay outside the country. It would be nice to have at least something that do train together, at a higher level and structure. The clubs do not want to take women's football and put the players within its structure. The trend is getting worse”, alert.

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) It was contacted by this reporter, but did not return until the publication of the text.

Source: Agency Brazil

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