Senate resumes trial of Dilma with discussions between defense and prosecution

Lawyers Janaína Paschoal and José Eduardo Cardozo, respectively, They will have an hour and a half each to their claims.
30/08/2016 08h27 - Updated 30/08/2016 10h34
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Senators resume today (30) the impeachment trial of the work away from President Rousseff. At 10am discussions between prosecution and defense begin. Lawyers Janaína Paschoal and José Eduardo Cardozo, respectively, They will have an hour and a half each to their claims and then another hour for rebuttal and rejoinder time for. Debates may, therefore, last for up to five hours.

Then, It will begin the discussion of senators. Each will have the right to speak for ten minutes, which can not be extended and there is no right to depart. Until the night this Monday (29), 53 Senators were already registered to speak, but others may request the right to debate until the last minute. The first is Senator Gladson Cameli (PP-AC). The forecast is that this phase of the trial lasts about nine hours, could be extended if more senators sign up.

The President of the Supreme Court, Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, leading the trial, It has given intervals of one hour to an hour to lunch and dinner and others ranging from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the pace of work.

After discussions between parliamentarians, finally it will be the turn of Lewandowski ask the following question to senators: "He committed the accused, Mrs. President of the Republic, Dilma Rousseff Vanna, the offenses related to the borrowing financial institution controlled by the Union and the opening credits without authorization from Congress, which they are charged, and should be sentenced to loss of his office, staying, in consequence, disqualified for the exercise of any public office for a period eight years?”.

Opens space for routing two positive and two senators opposed to impeachment, in five minutes for each speech. After this referral, the chairman will open the panel and senators will be invited to vote. The vote is nominal and open, computed by the electronic panel, where the final result will be announced.

Source: Agency Brazil

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