Senate has last polls before impeachment and municipal elections

Senators will have to look into important guidelines that need to be analyzed until Wednesday (24).
22/08/2016 08h25 - Updated 22/08/2016 12h19
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The beginning of the impeachment trial of President Dilma Rousseff, next Thursday (25), It will not be the only important event in Being agenda this week. Before starting to discuss whether the president committed a crime committed, Senators will have to look into important guidelines that need to be analyzed until Wednesday (24), because of the crowded political agenda in the second half.

The most important will be the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of the untying of Union Revenues (DRU), which liberates 30% the budget to be used freely by the government, not linked to specific items. The PEC should have been voted on last week, but the House did not reach the required quorum for deliberation.

Also on the agenda the bill amending the Fiscal Responsibility Act to make it even tougher rules for future personnel expenses in public administration. The bill prohibits mayors, governors and the president to grant salary increases to begin to assert after the end of the mandates.

In addition to these, other proposals can be included in the agenda in agreement with the President of the Senate, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL). This will be the last chance in months to senators engaged in voting projects, especially those that require qualified quorum for consideration.

The expectation is that senators only come back to meet with focus on the agenda of the House after the second round of municipal elections, in late October. After the impeachment trial, scheduled to end on Tuesday (31) but may extend longer, the forecast is that the senators return to the states to participate in the campaigns of their candidates to municipalities.

From November, when they return after the municipal elections, will be the turn of the senators begin another campaign, for the choice of the Senate Steering Committee. Although the election of Bureau members, among them the future president of the Senate, only take place next year in February, the subject should already take shape at the end of this year, with the compositions between the parties beginning to form.

Besides that, you need to Senators, along with deputies, approve the Budget Guidelines Law and, after, the Union Budget for 2017. The government leader in Congress, Senator Rose de Freitas (PMDB-ES) also want to be guided, still this year, the discussion of pension reform.

"Pension reform has no way to expect more", evaluates Rose. "For years we talk about it and now we are in a much more critical situation we were the", says, remembering that you can not remove rights already worth, then you need to promote reform now so that the changes will take effect in the future.

In order to organize the work during white recess period for municipal campaigns, Senators should also promote a meeting in which they will set up will make a week of concentrated effort in September. Otherwise, voting should only be resumed even in October or November.

Source: Agency Brazil

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