Senator Ana Amelia says Dilma round the Senate shows that there is no coup

According to the Senator they were committed tax crimes that have digital Dilma and electoral intent.
29/08/2016 12h20 - Updated 29/08/2016 12h20
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After the defense of Dilma Rousseff, the first to speak in favor of impeachment was senator Ana Amélia (PP-RS). She said that, however painful it is, the trial stage will fulfill their obligation and criticized the classification made by PT members that the process is a scam. according to her, tax crimes were committed that have digital Dilma and electoral intent.

According to the Rio Grande do Sul Senator, who has been on the government's power base during the first Dilma mandate, the president was away author “uncontrolled fiscal” Hair country lived. She also said that all defense rights were ensured Dilma Justice and that its presence in the Senate legitimizes the failure to deal a blow.

To rebut remarks, Takeaway president spoke of the difference of what classifies blow today to the military coup 1964. “We can not find that the same analysis that is done for the coup, based on military intervention, It is the same for the whole political literature calls parliamentary coup. No military coup, it's like knocking out a tree, overthrowing the government and the democratic regime”, he said.

Rousseff said that the parliamentary coup – which it says is targeted – a president elected by direct vote is removed from office for reasons fragile. “It is as if the tree were not felled, but suffered heavy fungal attack, for example”, said Dilma.

The away president said that the only way to fight a “parliamentary coup” It is to open a dialogue. “Because I want democracy in my country get out unscathed from this process”, said Dilma. “Not just the correct rite. It is necessary to have a fair content. Not just the way, Senator.” “Those who do not like the name to be blow want to cover up a fact”, He criticized.

Source: Agency Brazil

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