Senators decide that Rousseff may pursue civil service

Thereby, Dilma can occupy public office. three abstentions were recorded.
31/08/2016 13h56 - Updated 31/08/2016 13h56
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After approving the mandate of the loss of Dilma Rousseff, the Senate also maintained, by 42 votes to 36, the political rights of Dilma. Thereby, it may take up public office. three abstentions were recorded. The vote on this Question was done separately at the request of PT senators, who submitted the application early in the day and that was accepted by the President of the Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, even under protests from allies of the interim president Michel Temer.

PMDB Senator Katia Abreu (TO) It was the first to argue against the loss of political rights Rousseff. To support the argument, she read excerpt written by the interim president Michel Temer said that penalties “are autonomous and independent” and not “accessory”.

“It is a person who can certainly be invited to teach at universities”, said. “President Dilma must continue to work to be able to meet their needs. Do not vote for the words of a person, but by his conscience and what they believe in President Dilma personality”, said.

In defense for the loss of rights, Senator Aloysio Nunes (PSDB-SP) He said the Senate has not staged a farce, as stated Rousseff's allies. "It is a legitimate procedure, that legitimizes the decision we make now. Here there was no coup ", assured. Nunes also criticized the comparison made by Senator Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ), minutes before, the current trial with the session that declared the vacancy of the position previously occupied by João Goulart. "It's a swindle the history of this country. It has nothing to do. First because there was no resolution of the Congress at that time. Second because Congress was under siege. The only disorders today are promoted by factoids information that lives PT. People burn tires, people who had audacity to say that would take up arms if the impeachment was approved ", said .

Nunes said that the Constitution makes it clear that the loss of the mandate in the case of responsibility for crime is associated with loss of political rights and stated that it is possible to hold public office without public office. "In addition to invoking the letter of the Constitution, I want to invoke the article that deals with the disqualification from office with disqualification ", asked.

Serene, Senator Capiberibe made an appeal "on behalf of reconciliation" and reunion. "Sectarianism only divides us more", He said emphasizing that the policy has to be a "conciliatory activity". "We had the ability to build a consensus alternative. We went to the showdown. But we can not forget tomorrow. Do not just defeat? You have to crush?”, said.

In a dramatic tone, Jorge Viana (PT-AC) He made an analogy with the death of Tiradentes and said that the vote in two phases is expected in the Impeachment Law (1.079). "We are not in Ouro Preto hanging anyone and to make sure, quartering ", said. Viana said Dilma can not even teach at universities lose political rights. "Excesses all make here, but we all, further a delicate process like this, we have to follow coexisting with others ", said.

The PSDB leader Cássio Cunha Lima (PB) said that "behind" the possible maintenance of political rights for "more an agreement between Dilma and [former mayor Eduardo] Cunha because the result of this cancellation will have repercussions on the wedge of vote [that will define the future of his term in session scheduled for the next day 12]. What we are doing is allowing President Dilma lose your job tomorrow and start a campaign aside from Brazil ", said.

Cunha Lima preceded the president of his party, Aécio Neves (MG), that thrilled declared: "Won democracy, won the Constitution, beat Brazil ", celebrating the result. Senate President, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), He took the floor and anticipated the vote against the disqualification of PT.

Source: Agency Brazil

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