Senators sign up to speak at the session that could lead Dilma to trial

The session, to be led by Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, It will be on Tuesday.
08/08/2016 14h35 - Updated 8/08/2016 18h28
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One day before the Senate plenary to decide whether the removed President Rousseff goes to trial for a crime committed, senators who wish to speak have begun to sign up. The session - to be led by the President of the Supreme Court, Minister Ricardo Lewandowski - will be on Tuesday at 9 am, but at 7:30 am today (8) Senator José Medeiros (PSD-MT) I was already ready to be first on the list. Medeiros said, as it is expected that the session lasts more than 20 hours, soon wanted to ensure the speech time, to avoid the risk of rule of dawn.

The second was inscribed Senator Paulo Paim, PT, and third, Senator Fátima Bezerra, Also PT. A senator admits, because of the Olympic Games, the focus of Brazilian – It was very focused on political events – should decrease enough. Even so, she believes the country will be attentive to the Senate.

"Tomorrow (9), those who are against the impeachment of President Dilma, [as] Forward Brazil Popular, carry out acts in all the country's capital, This demonstrates that, although the audience is less, because of the Olympic Games, It is a topic that continues arousing much attention, very interest of the population ", He noted.

Prime time
Who imagines that in the most important entry list is the order of arrival is mistaken. Some senators who arrived early are choosing more behind the list positions. It was the case of Senator Álvaro Dias (PV-PR). He chose the 21th position in the list. While it is impossible to predict in each entry parliamentary time will speak, Dias strategy is to appear live at night time that the country's main news programs are in the air.

"The important thing is communication out of the plenary. The House already tired of the repetition and obviously the senator is concerned to report on his work to the voter, that is why, the preference of senators is when media outlets are broadcasting live the session ", justified Alvaro Dias.

The session will start tomorrow at 9 am. After the stage where the minister will decide Lewandowski possible issues which must be soon presented at the beginning, the rapporteur will 30 minutes to present a summary of the opinion for the continuation of the process against Dilma, approved last -feira (4), by 14 votes to five.

Then, parliamentarians will 10 minutes each to be manifest. There is no provision routing vote as, a process to be, each senator should vote according to their conscience. The prosecution and defense will talk last, being reserved 30 minutes for each part.

The vote takes place following by a simple majority- half plus one of those present at the meeting. It will open in the electronic panel. As the complaint is made up of four facts (three decrees supplementary credits and tax pedaling), Senators may submit applications to vote any of them separately.

Already on Monday the Senate dawned with enhanced security. Fencing around the Congress building, guardrails were placed to prevent demonstrations or protests during the vote on Tuesday. There will be no visitation tomorrow and Wednesday when access will be restricted to accredited, parliamentarians and former parliamentarians. No information about restrictions on traffic at the Ministries Esplanade, where is the National Congress, more accurately, the Three Powers Square.

Source: Agêncai Brazil

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