Sergio Moro accepts complaint against former PT treasurer, Renato Duque and more 12

altogether, 14 people are accused of corruption crimes, cartel and money laundering by fraud in the work contract CENPES, Petrobras.
15/08/2016 13h42 - Updated 15/08/2016 13h42
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Judge Sergio Moro, the 13th Criminal Federal Court of Curitiba, He received a complaint in Operation Lava Jato against former PT treasurer Paulo Ferreira, former director Renato Duque Services of Petrobras and other 12 people. The order was recorded on the night of Friday (12).

altogether, 14 people are accused of corruption crimes, cartel and money laundering by fraud in the work contract Research and Development Center Leopoldo Américo Miguez de Mello (Cenpes), Petrobras, in Rio de Janeiro, which are made studies on oil exploration in deep waters. The complaint was lodged by federal prosecutors (MPF) the Justice, on Tuesday (9), with the withdrawal of the list of accused, Ricardo Pernambuco Backheuser Junior. According to the MPF, or contract, signed in January 2008 between the Consortium New Cenpes and Petrobras, had initial value of R $ 850 million and increased to more than R $ 1 billion after additives.

According to the complaint, for the contract to be closed, companies formed the consortium, OASIS, Carioca Engineering, a Schahin, a Construbras e a Construcap, "They offered and actually paid more than R $ 20 million in bribes to high ranking employees of Petrobras and representatives of the Workers Party (PT), which gave political support to such corrupt officials ".

According to the order for Moro, the process was suspended for one of the involved. "As for the fact that not also been reported, Ricardo Pernambuco Backheuser Junior, He submitted to MPF justification saying, the signed collaboration agreement with the Attorney General's Office and was approved by the Supreme Court, He had predicted that he would be denounced by the facts revealed in the collaboration agreement. Considering the agreed, in the case of accepting the promotion of MPF and simply declaring the stay of proceedings in relation to him ".

according to judge, the foundations analyzed the request for provisional arrest of Paulo Ferreira and, also, searches and seizures made to the addresses of other investigated "are sufficient, this phase, for receipt of the complaint ". The decision says that "as set out in that decision cumpridamente, There is evidence from the combined testimony of employees with criminal and documentary evidence indicating the collection and payment of undue advantage. "

Moro also notes that, with the testimony of some accused, new evidence emerged in the case. "Look-is that, since then, emerged even further evidence, as the testimony of the accused Genésio Schiavinato Junior, leader of Construbase, and admitted, in testimony at the preliminary investigation, conducting surreptitious payments resulting from the work, at the request of the accused Agenor Franklin Magalhães Medeiros, the Workers' Party, This represented by Paul Adalberto Alves Ferreira. It also highlights the testimony of the accused Roberto Ribeiro Capobianco, representative Construcap, which confirmed that the WTorre was sought by the OAS and the Carioca, to give up the event ".

Not release, Moro grants 10 days for the accused present defense concerning the complaint received. He also mentions that accepts the request of the MPF to suspend the proceedings in relation to Pedro José Barusco Son and Mario Frederico Mendonça Goes since both have snitching according to the MPF and have been convicted, other actions, the maximum penalty provided in the agreements.

Among the reported, They are the Adir Assad businessman, financial operators Rodrigo Morales and Roberto Trumpet, and the operator Alexandre Correia de Oliveira Romano, and nine members of the consortium of construction companies.

The Agency Brazil contacted the defense of Paulo Ferreira and Renato Duque and waits for return. The report attempts to contact the defense of the other accused.

Source: Agency Brazil

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