Sergio Moro postpones return rancher friend of Lula to prison

Live authorized Bumlai to fulfill house arrest for treatment against bladder cancer.
18/08/2016 15h15 - Updated 18/08/2016 15h15
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Federal Judge Sergio Moro postponed to 30 August the return of the farmer José Carlos Bumlai to prison. in the decision, Moro called for the defense of the entrepreneur clarify whether Bumlai remains hospitalized and given the results of medical tests. The accused is guilty in one of the criminal actions of Operation Lava Jato filed at the Federal Court in Curitiba.

In March, Live authorized Bumlai to fulfill house arrest for treatment against bladder cancer for three months. In this period, the businessman was monitored by electronic ankle bracelet. no day 10 of August, Moro determined that Bumlai returned to prison on 23 August understanding that the business offers risk investigations of Lava Jato.

in the decision, the judge cited that Bumlai responds prosecution in the Federal District for the alleged attempt to prevent the former director of Petrobras' International Area Nestor Cervero signing tipoff according winning.

"Considering the proximity of the day 23/08 and to avoid unnecessary risks to accused, Farewell, Per hour, for 30/08 its resubmission to the Federal Police in Curitiba, without prejudice to further assessment if necessary ", the judge decided.

In the same process, defendants are former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and the son of businessman, Mauricio Bumlai. The investigation was opened on the basis of plea bargaining of former Senator Delcídio Amaral.

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