Sergio Moro defends end of the privileged forum in the House

To judge the Lava Jato, forum hurts the idea that everyone should be treated as equals.
04/08/2016 13h36 - Updated 5/08/2016 07h54
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privileged forum of beneficiary, Judge Sergio Moro, responsible for Operation Lava jet in the first instance of the Federal Court in Paraná, he said today (4), that this is a complicated issue and that, if the law allowed, give up this special safeguard.

By participating in the first public hearing of the special committee set up to examine the anti-corruption project, Moro said the forum, by which authorities can only be judged by higher courts, "Hurts the basic idea of ​​democracy that everyone should be treated as equals. There is no reason to safeguards ".

According to the judge, or forum, coupled with Lava results Jet "assoberbou" the Supreme Court (STF), responsible for the judgment of senators and congressmen and the first level authorities. "It has a practical problem, because today we have the STF overwhelmed with a number of giant processes. I find it hard to deal with these issues with agility. The minister Teori Zavascki has done extraordinary work, but there are structural problems. "

Moro did praise the National Congress for initiating the processing of the anti-corruption project. The judge noted that there is no "silver bullet" to end corruption, but he said an updated legislation could minimize the practice. "If approved, [new legislation] will represent an undeniable progress in the institutional framework. The most important point is to start the virtuous circle ", said. When answering questions of deputies that make up the special committee, the judge defended specialization sticks in preventing and combating corruption and a fund to compensate victims.

The judge also defended the possibility of worth trading for people who take the blame on corrupt practices, they would not have information for a whistleblower. "Sometimes, one has only the recognition of guilt. It means a quicker resolution to the case ", said Sergio Moro, adding that the measure also would generate savings for Justice.

He warned about the legalization lobby, saying it is necessary to define the rules for such practice. "It is better that these activities leave the world of shadows, but many individuals convicted in Lava Jato, and operators, somehow, made a kind of lobby, only criminal. You have to think about how to bring activity to light ", said Judge.

Source: Agency Brazil

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