Sergio Moro sends Lula friend cattleman back to prison

After being diagnosed with bladder cancer, Bumlai won the right to provisional house arrest expired.
11/08/2016 15h28 - Updated 11/08/2016 15h28
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Federal Judge Sergio Moro determined that the rancher José Carlos Bumlai back to prison. In March this year, after being diagnosed with bladder cancer, the rancher won the right to home confinement for treatment. He must report to the Federal Police Curitiba next day 23.

Second or office Moro, Bumlai was allowed to meet probation (when there is no deadline for finishing) under house arrangements for health reasons. Initially, the judge ordered him to stay in the scheme for 3 months, but the period was extended after the farmer had to undergo heart surgery. The new deadline granted by Moro has an end this month and the defense asked again the extension of the period, which was denied by the judge.

"No time, after five months of house arrest, the accused's health situation appears to be stabilized ", says Moro, in the order registered last night (10) in the Paraná Federal Justice System. The judge also said that the need to perform periodic tests for tumor control and cardiac rehabilitation do not justify the house arrest.

"These tests and cardiac rehabilitation, besides himself receiving drugs to control these evils, They can be made, without any difficulty, in Curitiba, in own Criminal Medical Complex, in which the accused was previously collected, or optionally, if necessary, by periodic exits to private hospitals in Curitiba ", says the decision.

The judge, the farmer does not fit in the cases provided by law to follow the prison being fulfilled under house system and determined that the Bumlai return to prison. "It should be submitted to the Federal Police in Curitiba on 08/23/2016", determined Moro.

Not release, Judge recalls that the rancher had custody enacted in November last year and was charged, in one of the criminal actions of Operation Lava Jato, of passive corruption crimes, money laundering and financial crimes. in the decision, the judge also notes that other illegal related to the entrepreneur are still being investigated.

Bumlai was arrested in Operation Free Pass, 21Second phase of Operation Lava Jato. The arrest took place on the same day that the farmer would testify at the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) BNDES, the House of Representatives, investigating transactions involving the state bank.

Source: Agency Brazil

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