the Cecon Foundation radiotherapy service is expanded and the service triples capacity in the AM

The new equipment strengthens the existing structure, adding the latest technology to treatment.
22/08/2016 15h01 - Updated 22/08/2016 15h01
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The cancer treatment in the Amazon has just taken a leap in quality with delivery, in this Monday, 22 of August, by Governor Jose Melo, a linear accelerator for the State of Amazonas Oncology Control Center Foundation (FCecon) and the inauguration of Radiotherapy Dr Service. Abelardo Rodolfo Lemos Pampolha. The new equipment strengthens the existing structure, adding the latest technology to treatment, which will allow to increase not only the quality but also the ability of this type of treatment in the unit, which is a reference in oncology for the Western Amazon, out of the current 50 for 150 procedures per day.

"We took a leap of 30 years in terms of technology in relation to the issue of cancer treatment, because this equipment is extremely modern, It allows radiotherapy more quickly and efficiently, saving the patient ", said the governor, announcing in March next year the entry into operation of a second linear accelerator, which should transform FCECON the largest and most modern radiotherapy North Park Brazil.

Treated as the greatest advance in recent times in oncological care in the Amazon, the expansion of radiotherapy sector FCECON part of the Restructuring Plan and Modernization of Oncology Services in the State, which has a partnership with the Ministry of Health and investments of over R $ 8 millions, according to the State Department of Health (Sesame).

As part of the actions, the governor announced the ongoing expansion and modernization of other sectors, such as endoscopy and surgery and said that soon must present the expansion project of FCECON. Or target, according to Jose Melo, It is to separate the outpatient part of the areas of radiation and chemotherapy, as well as the hospitalization and surgery.

Total restructuring
Along with the linear accelerator are being delivered to Casamata, (building specially designed to house it) and other equipment for radiation therapy complex. Among them, two sources of iridium for brachytherapy, another treatment being revitalized in the foundation, with the purchase of a new device. The unit also acquired, recently, via Social Promotion Fund (FPS) Government of Amazonas, a new radioactive source to one of two cobalt pumps, equipment used previously for radiotherapy in the foundation.

"It's not just a linear accelerator that we are delivering. It is a new project for expansion and modernization of cancer treatment in the Amazon. We are experiencing a historic moment, which is just beginning. We have many other actions in progress ", He revealed the state Secretary of Health, Pedro Elias de Souza, to cite two other fundamental services for cancer treatment is being extended in Cecon Foundation - the surgical oncology sector, that is gaining a Smart Room and strengthening the endoscopy sector, this with the support of the FPS.

The director
Unit President, oncological surgeon Marco Antonio Ricci, It points out that the State Government investment aimed at revitalizing the Radiotherapy included the purchase of a generator set 500 Exclusive KVA for Casamata and two sources of American iridium for brachytherapy. A new brachytherapy device is also being acquired and will complement the actions to combat the most common type of cancer among women in the Amazon - the cervix. The diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer is one that is being strengthened with the purchase of equipment.

Precision and quality in treatment - Marco Antonio Ricci explains that the radiation treatment is now one of the tripods in fighting cancer, accompanied by surgery and chemotherapy. According to him, the linear accelerator can be used to treat all organs of the human body. "Among the main advantages of this type of device, They are: higher precision in the field where tumors are located, reducing the time of exposure to radiation and sequels and, consequently, a treatment more quality to SUS users. Radiation therapy is now an important tool, which serves as principal or complementary treatment, depending on the type and location of cancer ", completed.

Ricci, who took FCECON earlier this year, notes that the Governor Jose Melo has given priority to the hospital, to understand the importance of the institution for the region. "Today, received neighboring states of patients, as Roraima, Rondônia, Acre, Pará and also from neighboring countries, such as Colombia and Venezuela. Our demand has been increasing and it caught the attention of the authorities to the need to expand our services, which accounted, only in 2015, about one million procedures ".

Partnership with the FPS
One of the main partners in the revitalization of FCECON Oncology Services is the Social Promotion Fund, whose honorary president of the First Lady of the State, Fabiana Gomes de Oliveira. In 2016, the agency has allocated R $ 16,6 million to Health area, of which R $ 1,6 million went to FCECON. A R $ 1 million was for the purchase of a new source for cobalt bomb, Old-replacement over 10 years of use, seeking greater efficiency and more safety equipment. The cobalt pump consists of a device that releases a controlled manner the radiation beam, allowing the treatment of tumor and, at the same time, preserving the normal tissue around it.

Other R $ 639,8 million are being invested in the revitalization and expansion of the foundation Endoscopy sector. Eight equipment being purchased to replace devices in use or will join the Endoscopy Service, responsible for the diagnosis and monitoring of many different types of malignancies. The equipment is used in performing endoscopic examinations of the digestive tract, broncoscopia (Lung), retossigmoidoscopia (reto e sigmoide), videohisteroscopia (uterus), colonoscopy (the entire large intestine), among others.

The equipment in the bidding phase are videogastroscópio and accessories (Eg modelo 250wr5), colonoscope and accessories (EC250HL5), monitor 21 inches (CDL21), cart for procedures (V3-45), tests printer (PU-D25MD), uninterruptible power supply (PVD 2000VA), videobroncocópia with accessories (EB 270 VT) and image videoprocessadora with xenon light (EPX 2500), plus a new video tower and 14 Biopsy guns.

Intelligent Office of the opening is the next step
In partnership with the Foundation for Amazon Research (Fapeam) and the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA), is nearing completion in Cecon Foundation the implementation of the country first North Smart Room for performing highly complex surgery with minimally invasive techniques. The advantage lies in the greater accuracy of procedures providing much faster recovery for the patient.

The radiotherapist Abelardo Rodolfo Lemos Pampolha was chosen to name the Radiotherapy FCECON service in recognition of 36 years dedicated to the oncology unit in, where he was director on three occasions (from 1983 a 1987 / from 1990 a 1992 e 1994 a 1997), besides strongly active medical specialist. Abelardo was appointed to practice medicine in hospital 1973 and retired in 2009. O specialist, died 2014, It was one of the precursors of radiotherapy in the Amazon and has held several other positions in the institution, including the Director of Education and Research and manager of the Radiotherapy Service. Between 1992 e 1994, It was Secretary of State for Health, the government of Gilberto Mestrinho, a position he left to return to the Foundation.

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