impeachment pronunciation session has special security scheme

A SSP-DF estimated, no maximum, 5 thousand protesters gather in front of the National Congress during the session in the Senate.
09/08/2016 11h17 - Updated 9/08/2016 11h17
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A security operation was mounted next to Congress this morning (9) to the top, to the top, on the Senate floor, the pronunciation phase, the second impeachment case against President Rousseff away. The Secretariat of Public Security of the Federal District estimates, no maximum, 5 thousand protesters gather in front of the National Congress during the session in the Senate, expected to end tomorrow (10).

Military police surround the surroundings of the House and Senate. The separation and against the impeachment groups will be made by the Military Police Car, Fire Department and Traffic Department (DMV) from the Flags Avenue, the last before the Congress lawn. The operation has 500 military police, 250 fire and 80 DMV agents.

This time were not installed walls to separate the two groups of demonstrators, as it has occurred on 17 of April, when there was a vote on impeachment in the House of Representatives. As the number of expected protesters is low, the DF Security Bureau, the House and Senate that the measurement would not be necessary.

There will be trading sideways in relation to April. The pro-impeachment demonstrators will the Senate dome side. Who is against impeachment should be the House summit side. According to the secretariat, the change was made at the request of movements, since one of the groups is interested in the House voting agenda. Will not be allowed sound of cars or political dolls.

According to the secretariat, the closure of the N1 and S1 roads, called Monumental Axis, will depend on the number of protesters and if they try to approach the Congress by side.

Senate Security
At the sitting of Tuesday, Senators will consider opinion of Senator Antonio Anastasia (PSDB-MG) in favor of the pronunciation of President Rousseff away for a crime committed. The forecast is that the vote take place only tomorrow (10), after about 20 hour session. The President of the Supreme Court, Ricardo Lewandowski, preside over the work.

no period, the Senate will have a special scheme for access and operation. The visit to the House is suspended and remain on the premises is allowed only to senators, servers, accredited media, alternates and former senators.

Even servants of the House of Representatives, that usually circulate in the Senate, They have blocked access within two days of the session pronunciation. The Black halls, Noble and Blue, in addition to the plenary, They are isolated, with controlled access by the Legislative Police.

Source: Agency Brazil

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