Shopping Ponta Negra receive internal handicraft exhibition of the Amazon Prisons

More of 70 internal six state prisons produced the various pieces that will compose the exhibition.
16/08/2016 15h39 - Updated 16/08/2016 15h39
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pallets, biscuit, crochet, soaps and poems will compose the art exhibition with pieces made by internal Amazon Prisons. The State Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP), in partnership with the Prison Management Private Umanizzare, hold fourth(24) Wednesday(31) of August, the exposure “Free hands – Art in Prison”, no Shopping Ponta Negra (Avenida Coronel Teixeira, No 5.705, Ponta Negra, West zone). The event refers to the week of the convict, which is celebrated in the first half of August.

For the Secretary of State for Prison Administration, Pedro Florencio, the exhibition is an opportunity for society to know and appreciate the talents and manual skills of a portion of the prison population, They are encouraged by the Amazonas Government through courses and workshops. "Internal participate in various craft courses that stimulate the creation of differentiated parts, from furniture to the most common crafts. We believe this is a way to promote activities that allow that the persons deprived of liberty to learn a trade and see themselves as being an alternative source of income for when they return to living with society ".

More of 70 internal six state prisons produced the various pieces that will compose the exhibition. In Manaus, participating units are Provisional Detention Center Female (CDPF) and Male (CDPM), Prison Complex Anísio Jobim (Compaj) closed system, Women's Penitentiary in Manaus (PFM) Unit and semi-open Female Prison (UPSF). The Prison Unit Itacoatiara (UPI), located about 277 km from Manaus, also participate with handmade productions.

recyclables – The exhibition also has the support of the coordination of the course of the Federal University of Amazonas architecture (I trust), which is developing the project structure of the materials exposed, forming concentrated scenarios in the three floors of Shopping Ponta Negra. Most of the raw material used in the manufacture of parts are recyclable, used by inmates within the units, the example of milk cartons and newspapers.

According to the marketing manager of Shopping Ponta Negra, Janaina Barroso, this is more of a free and unique option for culture and leisure to the shopping center brings to its customers, making it possible to contribute to the rehabilitation of prisoners. "The initiative provides the appreciation of the work of prisoners, to continue working and practicing their craft talents, turning idle time into art and even calling ", commented.

Furniture – Among the exhibits, the emphasis is on mobile pallets, produced by internal closed Compaj regime. Twenty-five inmates participated in the course which started in April this year. Gilson Carmo da Silva, from 30 years, It is one of the exhibitors. He explains that the opportunity possible to expand the handcraft techniques and manual skills that already exercised within the unit. "You do crafts here a few years and participate in the group is always involved in these courses that give us the chance to learn something new constantly".

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