SSP-AM records decrease 40% homicide in August in Manaus

According to the secretary of the SSP-AM, Sergio Fontes, the reduction in rates is a result of the performance of civil and military police.
31/08/2016 16h26 - Updated 31/08/2016 16h27
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The Secretary of State for Public Security (SSP-AM) fell by 40% the homicide rate in August, compared to the same period in 2015. The data were highlighted during a ceremony honoring the servers of the Civil and Military Police who have had good results in the Performance Evaluation System of Civil and Military Police, the Fire Department Headquarters, Petropolis, area south of Manaus.

In August 2015, SSP registered 100 killings in the capital and in August 2016 were 60, resulting in 40% reduction. The robbery records also fell by around 33%, were six cases in August 2016 e 10 in August 2015.

Since the beginning of 2016, records point reduction in homicides in Manaus. From January to August this year were 533 homicides, Against 647 in the same period last year, a reduction of 17,6%. "The goal of the Federal Government is 5% homicide reduction across the country and here in Manaus and Amazonas are well above average ", he said.

According to the secretary of the SSP-AM, Sergio Fontes, the reduction in rates is a result of the performance of civil and military police who work to fight crime in the state. "Even with all the crisis and scarce resources, we did get a reduction record this August with 40% homicide reduction, the interior also lowered, this thanks to our civil and military police, and server security system in general, who are on the streets fighting crime, which makes us very proud ", said the secretary.

Sergio Sources also said that the reduction of murders in Manaus is associated with more technical work of the Civil and Military Police, directed by criminal analysis mapping points with incidences of crime and intelligence techniques. "We had great increase in prison for murder of those involved, fruit of the research work and even prisons in flagrante ", said.

honorees – During a ceremony of homage for good results in the Performance Assessment System (Sisad) They were honored units of the military police and special police stations Civil Police, among them the Specialized Police Robbery and Robbery (DERF) and Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs). The Sisad is a management tool for decision making at the strategic level, tactical and operational to monitor criminal developments and the production process of the PC units and PM.

They were also honored Dr. Aluízio Paes de Lima - General Ombudsman of Amazonas Public Security System, Dr. Francisco Ferreira da Silva Sobrinho – General Delegate of the Civil Police and Geraldo Jorge Eloy de Souza – Director of the Metropolitan Police Department.

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