Suspected of raping girl 11 years and practice robbery in the North Zone is arrested in Manaus

The offender was arrested pursuant to arrest warrants, search and seizure existing in his name.
24/08/2016 14h41 - Updated 24/08/2016 14h41
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A man identified as Eron Ferreira de Souza 25 years was arrested on Tuesday morning (23), suspected of raping a girl 11 investigated for two years and steals. Econ was arrested in a joint effort between the Police Protection in Specialized ã Children and Adolescents (depc) and Specialized Police in s and Pelintre (DECP) the house where he lived in the Flores neighborhood, North Zone of Manaus.

According to Juliana delegated Tuma, Eron was intercepted by police officers of DEPCA over action that was supported servers crowded in Specialized Police in s and Polinter (DECP). The incident occurred yesterday morning, day 23, por volta the 6h, the house where he lived, located in Leopoldo Krichanã da Silva Street, in the same area where the crimes occurred. In his home electronics come from thefts were seized. Including a TV brought home the crime victim committed on 4 July.

Juliana Tuma said that the offender was arrested pursuant to arrest warrants, search and seizure existing in his name. The documents were sent last Saturday, day 20, the judge of the Criminal Duty, Patricia Chacon de Oliveira Loureiro.

As the police authority, no dia 4 July this year, a girl from 11 years was at her house, accompanied by two brothers, and a nine and other 13 years. difference, that'd be watching the inhabitants of that residence a few days ago, He went to the place and asked if the child's parents were there. By knowing that those responsible were not the property, the offender entered the house and, Armed with a knife, announced theft.

"Eron asked where were the house valuables, as jewelry and electronics. Then he locked the boys in the bathroom and took the girl to the room, where he raped her violently. After the criminal act, he threatened the victims of death, arguing that if they tell anyone what had happened, he would kill them. He left the place carrying the family television ", said Juliana Tuma.

The holder of DEPCA said on 15 July another similar case occurred in that same community and was recorded in DEPCA. This time, a teenager 14 years was raped. Or author, to see that there were valuables in place, He locked the victim's brother in a room, a teenage 12 years, and then raped her.

"Eron always acts in the same way. For a month of investigations we found that he studied the family routine, to see if the children were left alone at any time of day and appeared in these places with the excuse to offer some kind of service. When it was confirmation that those responsible were not home, he announced the theft and raped the girl who was on the spot ", he explained Tuma.

Through images of internal safety circuit of a neighboring property, DEPCA the research team was able to identify the offender. Later, the victims recognized the young. "Dissemination of Eron images so that other victims can identify it and formalize the occurrence is important. Even denying the authorship of the two crimes, he already answered in court for robbery with rape, A theft, two thefts and possession of narcotics ", He concluded the holder of DEPCA.

The ex-convict had already served sentence of five years in the penitentiary complex Anísio Jobim (Compaj) for theft committed in 2013 and was released about four months. This time he was charged with rape and robbery vulnerable. At the end of the procedures applicable at the police station the offender will be taken to Jailhouse Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which will be available to the Justice.

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