Suspected of killing man in shopping Manaus is arrested

They are still at large two suspects. Thiago Amaral Feitosa da Silva, meet semi-open regime since 31 of May.
01/08/2016 15h43 - Updated 1/08/2016 15h49
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The suspected of participating in the murder of ex-convict Heberson Monteiro Lopes, occurred on 27 July, in the parking lot of a shopping Studio 5 Festival Mall, located at Avenida General Rodrigo Otavio, South Zone of Manaus, was arrested. Thiago Amaral Feitosa da Silva, from 25 years, It was presented to the press on Monday (1º). He said he was threatened with death by the victim since adolescence. They are still at large two suspects.

According to the holder of the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (DHES), Ivo Martins, the victim was in the parking lot when two men approached him and fired eight shots. Three hit the head and the back of five ex-convict.

They had an appointment in the mall parking lot. Thiago would have told the victim that sell a firearm.

The research team came to Thiago after the security cameras image analysis. Besides that, were also infringing the messages found on the victim's cell.

Second or delegate, the victim belonged to a criminal rival faction to the group that James and cronies were part. All involved are suspected of involvement in several crimes in the areas of Igarapé 40. The victim responded to two murders.

Thiago said Heberson swore death before going to jail, when he was 16 years. “He said he would kill my grandmother. As he left, I warned the boys that were going to die. Aí we arm ambush “, he explained.

According to police, Thiago brokered the action to be known both the victim and the suspects. “According to Thiago tells us, the fact occurred because the victim of threats against rival factions elements”, said.

The suspect met semi-open regime since 31 of May. He accounted for murder.

Two fugitives are with open arrest warrant. Both they and Thiago did not pass by the police, Come Segundo Dehs.

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