TCE-AM delivery to the TRE and MPE final list of public officials with accounts reproved

The listing is provided by the portal of the TEC so that society becomes aware of managers who not well used public money.
15/08/2016 15h03 - Updated 15/08/2016 15h03
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Pursuant to determining the Supplementary Law 135 from 2010, known as Clean Record Law, the presiding director of Amazon Court (TCE-AM), Ari Moutinho Junior, today handed over to the Electoral Prosecutor (MPE-PRF) and the Regional Electoral Court (THREE) the final list with the names of public officials who had accounts reproved by the collegiate. The names have been entered in the SIS Electoral Accounts System, which can be accessed by more than 70 electoral prosecutors in the State.

The listing is provided by the ECA portal ( so that society becomes aware of public officials not well used public money in the past eight years. As well as mayors and former mayors, the list contains the names of presidents and former mayors and managers of agencies of the direct and indirect administration of the State and municipalities of Amazonas, as well as state and federal agreements accounts managed by the chief municipal executives.

Only the list of municipalities, are 134 the number of managers with reproved accounts and can not appeal decisions.

the Supreme Court decision is questioned
The publication of the list comes amid the controversial decision of the Supreme Court (STF), who decided, last week, the reproaches accounts of mayors by the Audit Courts can not be used by the Regional Electoral Courts as a criterion to order the applicant's ineligibility, only after the political trial conducted by municipal councils. A roughly, the Supreme Court decision frees several managers who had already been enacted as chips-dirty by TRE.

As presiding director, Ari Moutinho Junior, the preparation of the monthly list for TCE-AM - whose model has been copied by other courts of auditors - is a determination of the legislation and, therefore, the Supreme Court decision does not minimize the work. "TCE-AM does not decree the ineligibility of one. It tells the names of managers who have the reprovas accounts for embezzlement of public money. Are the electoral bodies that define, at the time of the application record, whether or not barring. The ECA contributes to the process ", He stressed.

According to Ari Moutinho Junior advisor, the Supreme Court decision is not clear, since the accounts of failures not only include the names of mayors and former mayors, but generally managers, which reinforces the final listing content delivered by the ECA.

"We have many questions to decision. It is only for mayors accounts? And in relation to the covenants? How are federal funds? They will be judged by municipal councils? And other managers? The Clean Record Law was considered constitutional by the Supreme Court itself. We are waiting for the publication of the judgment ", said.

Meeting in Brasilia and query for CPF

Next Wednesday (17) and fifth (18), the president of the country's Audit Court will meet in Brasilia to discuss the Supreme Court decision and take appropriate action. "The decision will be questioned elegant and respectful way. We should find the legal mechanisms to have the sovereign will of the respected society. It is noteworthy that 80% public managers considered dirty-chips were expressed by TCs by Brazil ", finished.

In addition to the access list for the link “Query”, in the Information Service ECA portal Public, the Amazon citizen can consult by CPF if the manager had reproved accounts by the Audit Court. Just insert the document number or the name or part of the manager's name. By making the query, It will generate a list of the numbers of cases that put on the list of jurisdictional likely to be barred by the Electoral Court through the Clean Record Law, if you are interested to stand for election this year. If the citizen has an interest in the respective process, just ask the Court.

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