Fearing tells parliamentary Amazon that has no candidate for mayor

President of the Republic addressed the issue in a meeting with Omar, Pauderney, and Alfredo.
17/08/2016 08h12 - Updated 17/08/2016 16h18
Photo: Beto Barata

Senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM) and congressmen Alfredo Nascimento (PR-AM) and Pauderney Avelino (DEM AM) They attended a meeting with the president, Michel Temer. on the agenda, Amazonian issues such as the construction of airports within the Amazon, the recovery of the BR-319 and the consequences of the crisis for the state's economy. At the end of the meeting, political issues were raised and Temer pledged to not engage in municipal elections.

"We cover various topics that interest the Amazon. The issue of airports is ancient and fundamental to end the isolation of interior municipalities. It has sites that can not receive or small aircraft ", said Omar.

Leader of Parliamentary Democracy Progressive Block, which brings 11 senators, Omar Aziz also discussed the importance of the recovery of the BR-319 highway. "It's a natural outlet for production of the Industrial Pole of Manaus and has the strategic role of linking the Amazon to the rest of Brazil", said Senator Amazon.

In addition to economic issues, the proximity to the municipal elections was also topic of conversation. With a broad base of political support, the president pledged to not interfere in the election this year. "He assured that whoever is elected the mayor of Manaus will be received by President of the Republic and will be helped. For him there is no difference of names ", Omar revealed.

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