Fearing international travel plans if impeachment is approved

The PMDB will start off a series of international agendas to attract foreign investment in the country.
29/08/2016 08h23 - Updated 29/08/2016 08h23
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Interim President Michel Temer awaits the end of the trial of the impeachment of President Rousseff away to start a series of international agendas to attract foreign investment in the country and promote exports of Brazilian products.

Since taking over the interim office, in May, he did not travel abroad, and it has said it will only go to China next week, Dome for a G-20 Leaders do, If the senators conclude and approve the removal definitively Dilma. Other commitments outside the country are at the Planalto Palace radar, as I United States, the India, the Japan, Colombia, Argentina and Paraguay.

The main focus of bilateral meetings with foreign businessmen and of which Temer intends to participate is to signal to the financial world that Brazil is on track to regain its economic activity and that, that is why, It will be a safer place to receive investments.

The economic team has prepared a list of projects that will be awarded in the coming months to the private sector such as roads, railways, ports and airports, to be presented to entrepreneurs. Partnership of government with the private sector and trade agreements will also be stimulated aiming to expand exports and create jobs.

Next Friday (2), the Brazilian government will promote in Shanghai a meeting with Chinese investors for which is expected to participate Temer. A 33 hours away from Brazil, however, his first book in the Asian country can not the final vote occur if not completed on time. Although not represent Temer at business seminar, Ministers of Finance, Henrique Meirelles, and Agriculture, Maggi, They must travel to China before the official delegation.

In addition to the G-20 summit in days 4 e 5 of September, Michel Temer must participate in private bilateral meetings with the leaders of China, Xi Jinping; from Spain, Mariano Rajoy; from Italy, Matteo Renzi, and the prince of Saudi Saudida, Mohammed Bin Nayef.

Michel Temer also plans to travel to New York to attend the end of September of the United Nations General Assembly, event in which, traditionally, the representative of Brazil usually do the opening speech. In October, the 8th Summit of the BRICs (economic bloc formed by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) It will occur in India and will be an opportunity for Michel Temer make a visit to Japan.

The agenda in the Asian country would be a way for Brazil to undo a sort of diplomatic resentment, since in recent years Dilma Rousseff canceled two trips that would make Japan. Although Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, has come to Brazil on Sunday (21) to the closing of the Olympic Games, the two did not get to meet.

Temer intends to ship to Colombia in late October to attend the 25th Ibero American Summit. Agendas in Paraguay and neighboring Argentina are also being scheduled by presidential aides.

Source: Agency Brazil

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