Public transportation will have application in the Right Time Marcelo Ramos Hall

User will know the exact time the bus will in shelters and terminals.
30/08/2016 16h49 - Updated 30/08/2016 16h49
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Knowing the cell the exact time the bus will arrive at the point. This will be the application's purpose Right Time, one of the candidate's proposals for mayor of Manaus Marcelo Ramos, Change Coalition for Change, in the area of ​​public transport and urban mobility. "We will integrate the existing GPS on buses with georreferencimento points and terminals, running a kind of Waze (traffic and navigation app) of public transport ", said Marcelo Ramos.

With the application, the user will follow on line the path of the bus and know the exact time that will at some point. "This will make life easier for those who use public transport, it need not be long minutes waiting for the collective exposed to sun, rain and robbers ", detailed candidate, in an interview on the morning of Tuesday (30) a radio of the capital.

The service will be part of the Intelligent Mobility System (SIM), platform Marcelo Ramos government plan that proposes solutions for transportation in Manaus. In addition to innovations such as the Right Time, They are provided for the implementation of intelligent signaling, the implementation of transport infrastructure projects and increased average speed bus fleet as a tool to ease traffic and give more flexibility to public transport.

"There is no way for the traffic that does not pass for public transportation. Our obsession is to increase the average speed of buses, which today is 17 km / h, for 35 km / h. Bus walking faster, takes less, walk less crowded and just demanding more bus to the line. With faster bus, It must be less buses and lowers the operating cost of the line, holding the price ", explains Marcelo Ramos.

alternative means
Marcelo Ramos also proposes encouraging alternative means of travel. Amongst them, is the improvement of roads infrastructure and sidewalks to encourage medium and small displacements walk, investment in ciclorrotas in lower traffic routes of the neighborhoods to the terminals, where bike racks will be built, avoiding the first trip of the neighborhood to the bus terminal; and the implementation of the Ecological Corridor of the work of Mindu, Linear Park which provided the project includes a bike path that will extend the reservation Ducke, in the City of God, until the Bilhares Park, in Constantino Nery.

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