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TRE-AM accounts for more than 6mil candidates for elections 2016 no AM

Manaus concentrates over 20% of total subscribers for councilor.
Photo: reproduction
Photo: reproduction

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) already has more than 503.200 candidates registered to contest the elections this year. In the Amazon the number of application registration requests reaches 6.136, this total 183 are candidates for mayor, 184 the vice mayor and 6.028 the councilor in 62 State municipalities.

According to the data of the Court, the number of candidates for alderman are already over 469.200 candidates across the country. Manaus concentrates over 20% of total subscribers for councilor. Are 1.227 candidates only in the capital, which has nine candidates for mayor.

The figures were only released on Friday, 19, no site do TSE (Superior Electoral Court), after the system is three days out. The municipal elections will be held in October for the mayor positions, Deputy Mayor and Alderman also.

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