TSE postpones decision on research fees paid to PP, PT e PMDB

The expectation is that a rapporteur is already appointed at the next regular session, Next tuesday (30).
25/08/2016 15h30 - Updated 25/08/2016 15h31
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The decision on the Rapporteur of the process that will open at the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) to investigate the PP accounts, PT and PMDB got delayed, after the minister Luciana Lossio ask for views to consider the issue. The expectation is that a rapporteur is already appointed at the next regular session, Next tuesday (30).

The opening of new research was done on 9 August by the minister and corregedora TSE, Maria Thereza de Assis Moura, based on winning vigilantism Operation Lava Jato. If proven the receiving accusations of disguised bribery declared election donations officially, subtitles may have the record in the Electoral Court canceled and will be prevented from disputing the elections.

The TSE ministers discuss now is the rapporteur of this new research should be chosen by lot or if the task is up to the internal affairs of the Court, where there are already four other actions on irregularities in the election accounts 2014 do PT s do PMDB.

Only minister to vote on Thursday (25), Henrique Neves was expressed in favor of the new process is reported by the Inspector General of the TSE, under the argument that the evidence gathered in other actions can be taken advantage of the newly established research. "You can not ignore that at least some of the reported evidence could in theory have correlation", said, to deliver his vote.

If the Snows vote is followed by other ministers, the Rapporteur will be up to Judge Herman Benjamin, elected as the new mayor of TSE. Maria Thereza de Assis Moura participated this morning of its last session on TSE - it leaves the electoral court to resume his full duties in the Superior Court of Justice (STJ). In previous vote, it gave its opinion by the free distribution of new research on the PP accounts, PT e PMDB.

Source: Agency Brazil

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