UPA launches campaign to help the self-esteem of women with mastectomies

The campaign will also raise hats to be donated to children suffering from the same disease.
15/08/2016 16h59 - Updated 15/08/2016 16h59
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The Emergency Unit Campos Salles, unit linked to the Department of State Health (Sesame), started, in this Monday, 15 of August, the campaign “Scarf and Hat Solidario”. The initiative aims to help women cope with more beauty and self-esteem treatment against cancer.

The campaign will also raise hats to be donated to children suffering from the same disease. All material collected during the campaign will be delivered to the Group of Support to Women Mastectomized Amazon (Gamma) in October, during the campaign "Pink October".

"Cancer is a disease that significantly undermines the emotional side of the patient and also affects self-esteem and vanity. Thinking about that, we decided to help people who suffer with the disease to experience this problem with more joy and a little vanity ", punctuates the director of UPA Campos Salles, Marcia Alessandra Nascimento.

The reception room of the UPA will have a space for donations. Members and collaborators of the health unit can help with the campaign.

The UPA Campos Salles is an Amazon government unit managed by Susam, in partnership with the Institute New Paths. Health Unit works in regime 24 hours service with an average complexity and serves daily about 350 people.

donation point
The Rehabilitation Center for Chemical Dependency Ismael Abdel Aziz, located at kilometer 53 AM highway-010, road linking the cities of Manaus and Rio Preto da Eva, It will be one of the scarves collection posts, hats and caps.

The administrative manager of the Rehabilitation Center, Paulo Cesar Souza, It reported that patients will fabricate, in cutting and sewing workshop, at least 100 scarves units for head and donate the campaign. "It is very important the participation of our patients in this campaign. Thereby, we will awaken in them the awareness of voluntary help and social skills and also add practical knowledge in the manufacture of scarves ", he said.

Bank wigs
Gamma has a bank of wigs to also help women with mastectomies to face the disease with more haughtiness. The unit operates within the Center for State Control Oncology Foundation (FCecon). The bank is run by volunteers and donations.

“When a woman is diagnosed disease, she ends up losing identity. in the treatment, she loses her hair and face changes. Therefore, the donation of scarves and hats are a way to raise self-esteem of these patients and this support UPA Campos Salles will further enrich our Gamma work”, scored the representative of the Support Group for Women Mastectomized Amazon (Gamma), Oriona Ohse.

A health worker in the city of Alvarães, Maria Jucilene Braga, from 38 years, It states that the help of UPA to a campaign to benefit the Gamma will help many women of the Amazon. "The campaign Upa will help us to fight harder against cancer, You will meet many women who suffer from the disease. When gain wigs and scarves Gamma feel more beautiful, younger and this reflects positively on treatment ", evaluated.

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